Mousseline as a blouse...

  1. Just a little pic combining my beloved Mimi Bella with the elephant cadena and my new mousseline from 24 Faubourg store worn as a top. I've been collecting H scarves for a decade, but this is my first mousseline. Certainly won't be the last. :heart:
  2. You look fabulous
  3. Aren't mousselines the best? I don't have the body to wear it as a top though, they are kind of transparent.. :shame:
  4. It Looks Great!!
    But it won't fit my big knockers
  5. Gorgeous!!
  6. Ladies, I most certainly don't have the smallest knockers or the body for that matter, but if you wear the mousseline as a triangle and criss cross the edges and tuck them into your skirt/trousers, you cover a fairly large surface area! Thank you very much for your kind words x
  7. ebruo--That's a stunning look. :smile:
  8. LOVE IT!!!!!

    Gotta try this, myself.

    LMAO at the big knockers, Minnie!
  9. Is it a PM or GM, Eb?
  10. Great look Ebruo.
  11. It's the GM, a large square.
  12. Looks great! So elegant! LOVE it! Great pattern too! What is it called? Mimi Bella??
  13. You look very chic! I never thought to try to use the GM as a blouse. Must try it sometime.
  14. Stop showing off girl!
  15. Ebruo : can u pls show us a bigger pic of your blouse ??
    i think it's a great idea to wear the GM as a blouse !