Mousse Zippy (Small/Med)

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  1. Girls, lookee what I just received photos we like this better than the pocket? Less than the pocket?

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  2. ET, Does shoulder wear matter to you? The pocket has a longer handle drop. Are you pondering an exchange from RH?
  3. SoCal, I would like to be able to put it on my shoulder sometimes, although the pocket slips off (the big pocket was much more shoulder friendly) so I am not sure whether it will be that big a deal. James had promised me pics before we found out about Edith. Not sure what to do. He says they will take care of it (Edith situation), but I don't know yet what that means.
  4. I could shoulder the medium zippy, but the drop was shorter than the pocket. LOVE James. If it can be done, he will do it.
  5. Hmm, it's hard to say without seeing the pocket and zippy side by side on that person. I do like the look of that zippy tho. Would u say the 1st pic (brighter pic) is an accurate representation of the mousse?
  6. I actually like the modern look of the zippy better than the pocket, but I have no use for the bottom section so if I were to purchase one it would probably be the pocket... can you use the zippy compartments? (although what about buying chloes = practical?)
  7. Ooooh much better than the pocket. There's something about the silver hardware that gets to me though... it goes so well with the colour and yet.. it makes it feel.. too casual? Nevertheless the mousse is GORGEOUS.

    blugenie I was wondering the same thing.. what DO people use the bottom compartment for?
  8. SerenitySue, I think the first pic is closer to the actual color. Maybe a big darker, but not as dark as the second.

    Blugenie, I have no idea what the function of that bottom compartment is. I might use it, but not really sure. It is intended to be used (James says I can stash my secret documents in there...LOL)...maybe for checkbook, mail, and whatnot? And I agree--nothing practical about Chloes!

    I should just quit while I'm ahead (or actually two behind), since they don't seem to be quite working out for me, but I am--for some odd reason--totally in love with this color.
  9. I like this MUCH more than the pocket - specially in this color.
  10. Hmm, I'm tending to agree with Tod about prefering the zippy. I've looked back on some pics of the pocket and they look more boxy to me. I think maybe the zips going right round horizontally make the zippy appear more longish and less boxy which I prefer. Also, I think perhaps the zips are a newer trend ala the Gladys' and Betty's.
  11. We need some zippy mama's to come along and advise. I played with one at a store but still couldn't figure it out, like everything would spill out when you open it. I'm past the days of having to port my panties around discretely, so I just dunno!
  12. I like em all, that doesnt help I know. I was contemplating getting this instead of the mousse satchel but I'm still not sure if I love the shape of the zippy.
  13. Nawth have they still not shipped your mousse???
  14. LOL! :lol:
  15. pfft, word was from them was "its going out right now" when I told them if they havent sent it out yet just refund me because I'm sick of dealing with the BS. Guess we'll know if I get a tracking # tomorrow.