Mousse paddy has arrived

  1. is a bit darker than I expected, the leather is nice and vintage-y ... not absolutely sure, maybe will seem different in daylight:unsure:
  2. Its very nice in daylight. A light sage green/grey combo
  3. Please take a picture! :nuts:
  4. Heres a picture of mine in (kind of cloudy) daylight and in shade.
    The shade picture is truer to life, its not as grey as it is in the first pic.
    P4130155.JPG P4130156.JPG
  5. Looks lovely in daylight:oh:
  6. First photo! The flash shows the colour nicely - more how I expected it to be, so I'm thinking daylight will make all the difference:smile:
  7. so beautiful!! congrats!
  8. I LOVE IT!!! Congrats!
  9. Wow - that color is gorgeous! I love the silver hardware on it too. Congrats!
  10. What a sexy color! I always love mousse. ^__^

    Enjoy ur bag!
  11. panteleimon I think it looks very pretty!! I sure hope you end up being WOW'd with the color! I love the silver hardware.
  12. Lovely!!! Congrats!!!
  13. Pretty!
  14. I'm liking this color more and more :love: Congrats!
  15. Thanks everyone! Now it's daylight here in Hampshire the colour is looking lighter. What I didn't expect is that the silver hardware is quite "industrial" and the matte leather intensifies the look - I was expecting something more girlie (as a change from whiskey Edith). Without the glamorous gold hardware in the other colours the effect of the mousse is more tomboyish IRL than I expected.:huh: It's starting to grow on me though ...:amuse: