Mousse Paddy Crisis!

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  1. Ok- my friend went to go buy that Sky Blue paddy (from my other post) when she found out it was sold. BUT she came home with a Mousse Paddy (with the silver hardware) and now its all I can think about! IT IS GORGEOUS!!!:love::love::love:

    I am completely torn! As some of you may remember, I am on a self-imposed purse diet because I am on the Birkin waiting list and I have always wanted this most coveted bag. But lately, I have had major paddy fever- and after seeing the Mousse Paddy- I just don't know what to do? :cry:

    Someone puhleeeeze talk me off teh ledge! Should I take the plunge or be a good girl and put the $$ towards my birkin??? I am just going nuts right now!!! Those with Paddys, are you still in love, or was it only a fleeting romance?
  2. I can so totally feel you. The mousse paddy is one of the most gorgeous bags out there. >___<

    But are you still keen on your birkin?
  3. I would hold out for the Birkin. While the mousse paddy is scrumptious... if you're already on the waiting list, nothing will replace the feeling of opening that orange box and having your hermes in hand.

    An "it" bag here, an "it" bag there.... restrain on a couple of these and you'll have your Hermes!!! :smile:
  4. Yes- I still love the Birkin.. but because it is such a long wait, it seems like more of a dream than something I will actually attain. I am just so torn. I know if I go for the Paddy, it will just put my Birkin off a little later, but if I want that Birkin soon, I must forgoe the Paddy! AHHH! Damn handbags, you would think this was crack!:lol:

  5. :lol::lol::lol: I can totally relate!
  6. Jag - Maybe you can orchestrate a trade for one of your b-bags, with someone who does not use their mousse paddy - like me!
  7. Birkin Schmirkin!
  8. Loganz! I only have an Ink City which I could not bare to part with! Are you looking to sell the Mousse? Why aren't you wearing that bag with everything? What don't you like? Maybe you can be my voice of reason!
  9. Thank you Daisy! I needed a good laugh!:lol::lol::lol:
  10. :lol: That is what I say! Go with your current desire!!!
  11. Well, I'm no help as I love the mousse paddy and the Birkin doesn't do anything for me (handbag blasfemy, right?). Maybe you can hold outfor a used one to go up on the PF or eBay.
  12. Loganz, why not using the mousse paddy?
  13. I love it - the color is fabulous and it fits everything - BUT - I have boney shoulders and one strap falls off my shoulders; while it is too heavy to carry on my forearm because of my cubital carpal tunnel.

    I have heavy bags (TW skull bag) but, I have to be able to carry a heavy bag on my shoulder or I can't use it - the paddy straps need a wider shoulder and I have a very small frame.
  14. Are you going to sell it? (Mental note: must stay away from this place and join a 12 step program somewhere!~ I wonder if Neiman's offers one! LOL!):P:P

    Is the paddy that heavy?
  15. I don't know - I don't really want to sell it because I like it. I would probably trade it, if the right b-bag came along.

    I don't think it is "that heavy" but, when you have carpal tunnel any pressure on the nerve causes pain and weakness. It is just heavy for me to use/carry - probably not heavy for the average person who doesn't have to worry about weakness and pain in their forearm.