Mousse Paddy Arrived!!

  1. Phew, I am so glad the ordeal is over! It came, it's perfect and I love it! The color is so unique. And it looks like I am not going to have to pay additional import costs so even better. I've already appleguarded her and shes takign her maiden voyage today since I have to go exchange a pair of shoes :cry: SA gave me the wrong size. And someone actually knew what my paddy was yesterday. Apparently our Nordies is trying to be higher end so theyve started to carry chloe, mulberry ect. So the SA recognized my bag and tempted me with the look book (I ran away LOL I do not need anymore bags) Not that I'll ever see a Chloe there, they go faster than they come in. :love:
  2. CONGRATS! photos! photos! Can't wait to see it.
  3. Yaaaayy!!! Photos please. :biggrin:
  4. YAY,congratulations,and I'm happy you love your bag!! I join the call for pics :biggrin: .
  5. Fah-bulous Nawth! Pictures!!!!!!!
  6. Congrats!!! I'm really happy that your ordeal is over and that you're satisfied with your new one. Mousse is a gorgeous colour.
  7. CONGRATS!!!! Can't wait to see pics.
  8. Cant say no to pic requests. Heres a couple of quick, albeit crappy ones. This is in natural light, no flash. It seems to pick up random blue undertones. It's a tough color to picture :weird:
    mousse.jpg mousse2.jpg
  9.'s very,very beautiful...perfect for spring!!! Thanks for the pics:love: .
  10. Oh I love it. Everytime i think i'm sort of "over" the paddy, i fall in love with it again. darn darn darn. the mousse is so pretty.
  11. Happy Day - finally your paddy collection in just how you wanted it. :biggrin:

    You know I like the color ;)
  12. Nawth, I am SO glad to hear that the LVR saga is FINALLY over, and even happier that your new bag is perfect! Man I love the mousse....every time I see one I want to order another! Congrats on your perfect new bag!
  13. LOVE the color!!! Congrats!!
  14. Mmm-mmm, it is utterly gorgeous, so feminine and pretty, congratulations!
  15. I just love this bag so much and makes me regretting that I didn't wait another 4 weeks. CONGRATS!!