Mousse Paddington - where to find one?

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  1. Are they still around anywhere?
  2. Hey there, I believe that they were last season's color and not on the floor anymore.

    Your best bet is prolly eBay- authentic any paddy here before buying :yes:

    BTW, I adore my mousse. I adore them all tho!! :girlsigh:

  3. Actually, I saw one at Barneys in Chicago right on the floor. It was gorgeous. They also had one at the Neiman Marcus in Chicago on Michigan Avenue.

    I would also suggest calling Lisa Hamlin at NM in Troy Michigan- she might have one or can order you one. Her number is (248) 635-8442. Good luck!!!
  4. See- that's what happens when people get out of the house! :ninja:

  5. I saw a Mousse this past weekend at a boutique on Nantucket Island, MA. At least I am almost certain it was Mousse. The SA was busy at the time and I had no intention of buying (spent all my money just getting to nantucket). But the store was called Gypsy and it's on Main St. They had gorgeous Chloe bags!!!!! I've never seen the Mousse in person before and now I want it!
  6. :roflmfao::roflmfao::roflmfao:
  7. Thanks, all! I'll check out all of these leads - and if anyone happens to be getting rid of theirs, let me know! :smile:
  8. Definitely feel free to PM or post if you see bags on ebay or in retail stores, but we are not allowed to sell on the PF. But we will all keep our eyes out for you! No worries, I just know you will find one and love it!!!
  9. Oh, I meant on Ebay/retail stores, etc! THANKS
  10. Any suggestion on where to buy authentic Chloe online, except net-a-porter? Just wonder... Thaks a bunch!
  11. you can buy authentic chloe bags at tax and no shipping
  12. Mousse for 30% off at Traffic!! Read D&G's post under Chloe Shopping!! :flowers: