mousse or grenat paddy?


which paddy?

  1. mousse

  2. grenat

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  1. if you could get either which would you pick? i think mousse is a great neutral and i love the silver hardware, but grenat would be such a nice pop for fall/winter.
  2. I think Grenat is a much more outstanding colour.
  3. I have to say iv got it! :tup:

    But i also love the grenat...i think that would be my last paddy! Just on a mission to find it now hehe :wlae:
  4. I love the grenat!:tup:
  5. Impossible to say, both are gorgeous for fall! Do you have other red / grey bags..? What colours are you planning to wear this fall..? :rolleyes:

    I'm personally torn into neutral coloured bags (-> mousse) but I love the idea of having grenat paddy for fall! Sorry, I wasn't much help :p
  6. This is a tough one, since they are SO different. I LOVE my mousse and just bought another one in the large pocket paddy on Bluefly. The leather is gorgeous. :drool:That said, the grenat is wonderful as well. I have it in the medium and the large paddington US Shopper from '06, (not the newer "tote" shopper). I think the grenat is probably a bit more versatile, a very dramatic color,and can be used for "dress" as well, whereas the mousse is a tiny bit more of a casual color...:smile: Hope this helps!:tup:
  7. mousse i have one and the colour goes with so much
  8. ITA with beanie ^

    It depends what you would wear it with the most?

    For me, i looooooooooooooooved the Mousse, but it just didn't work for me. I need earthy tones!:tup:

    But, the Mousse is most certainly gorgeous, and the silver hardware is fab! :drool:

    If your wardrobe is mainly black/browns/creams then i think grenat would work a treat.

    Mousse goes great with lighter colours and denim, IMO.
  9. Ooh, tough call - I have both but I voted 'grenat' in the poll since if I had to choose that would be the one I kept. (mine is an 05 and I think the leather is TDF) For me personally, grenat is in my fall/winter lineup and my mousse is a spring/summer bag but I love them both!! so I think you can't go wrong either way :tup:
  10. my vote is for mousse. I would love to get my hands on another one.
  11. I love mousse so it gets my vote.
  12. mousse for me
  13. Grenat~ :heart: Lovely colour!!!
  14. I vote for mousse. I think that it is such a versatile an unique neutral.
  15. Mousse - It's Gorgeous!!:tup: