Mousse or Charcoal paddy for Fall

  1. Hi, I live in Kansas City and not only do we not have a store that sells them, but RARELY do I even see anyone around here with one. We're more of a Coach and LV city. :smile: So I have never seen the mousse or charcoal IRL, but think they both look fntastic. Is the mousse a summer color? Is it more grey or more blue? Also is the charcoal a lot like black or is it more unique? The mousse looks blue-ish when I look at the posted pics on this site, and the charcoal looks like black in the pictures! So if an actual owner of one or both of these colors might give me more insight, or offer up which is a better choice for Fall/Winter, I would appreciate it. Thanks!!!
  2. I'm biased to the Mousse :smile: It's a gorgeous color IRL. I also have the Chocolat which goes with lots more stuff, but the Mousse just *pop*!

    That said, I have never seen a Charcoal IRL, so no real basis for comparison. I have tons of pics of my Mousse if you want me to send :smile:
  3. I got the Noir/non-metallic anthracite/charcoal last week - here's my pictures:

    The second picture is pretty close (on my monitor) - it's definitely NOT black - just a deep grey - definitely grey! I love it - then again, I also love the mousse - which is much lighter with silver hardware - also gorgeous! :yes:
  4. Is the mousse or charcoal available at any of the big Dept stores? That way I cold perhaps order both of them, take a look, and then ship one of them back. I am not sure of the return policy for NAP, or VLR, etc. Thanks!
  5. Triplets05. NAP has a great returns policy so I can recommend them. I have not had personal experience with LVR so cannot comment on them, but I think its a fab idea to order both and compare them like for like to see which one you like the best. :smile:
  6. Hey triplets05, if you do order both make sure you let us know of the outcome... I love both these colours too :smile: