Mousse Large Pocket Paddy: Take Two :D


Balenciaga Forever
Jan 7, 2006
So I finally received the large pocket paddy in mousse from lovely fellow PF member ETenebris!

I just wanted to sing the praises of this bag! It's soft and smooshy and I love the durability of the silver hardware! I can actually use the key without fear of scratching anything.

I lug a lot of stuff around so this bag is the perfect size without overpowering my frame. It's just a great big bag! I love how it sits on my shoulder. I could see how it would look strangely large if you carried in the crook of your arm or handheld it. But on the shoulder.. loves it!

Ahh! It's perfect!

Thanks ET!
Just wanted to mention that this FABULOUS bag came from LVR...completely perfect, and the most scrumptious leather! (In case you were on the fence about ordering from them.)
My two pics of mousse pocket paddy. Sorry for the messy shot of me. The room is a terrible mess as I am in the midst of spring cleaning. :shame:

Making room for another $$ purchase... industrial sewing machine. I'm giddy about that too!

m-mousse01.jpg \ m-mousse02.jpg