Mousse Big Pocket IS HERE!!!!!

  1. ...and it's HUGE!!! Since this is such a momentous occassion, I have performed the standard camera "unveiling" of my new, I mean...

    More to follow (taken outside for better color) in a little while.:nuts:
    Chloe Mousse Big Pocket in box.jpg Chloe Mousse Big Pocket open box.jpg Chloe Mousse Big Pocket in bag.jpg Chloe Mousse Big Pocket unwrapped.jpg Chloe Mousse Big Pocket in chair.jpg
  2. Here is one more that shows the true color of the bag better. I don't see the blue that was in the eBay pics (Roz)...more the green of the more recent pics posted of the Paddy (was that Greenie or Loganz?). Anyway, the color is perfect for this a grey-green drab sort of...very casual neutral without being a brown. And I can already tell that the zippers are MUCH less stiff than on my jeans moyen. YAY!

    The leather on this bag seems softer than my (late) jeans moyen Paddy, and with the lock the bag can hardly "stand up." Before I take the rest of the pics, I will put my things in it so you can get a better idea of the structure. The handles are definitely long enough for shoulder wear, too.
    Chloe Mousse Big Pocket on desk.jpg
  3. I'm DYING over here! I didn't think I cared for that style but I adore it in the Mousse. Enjoy that beauty!!!
  4. Love the color!!! Just out of curiousity, exactly how big is it??
  5. The bag looks great in mousse, congrats. Do you think it is too big for daily use, or do you plan to carry it daily?

    It is me who has the paddy satchel in mousse :amuse:
  6. I love the colour!!! I'm happy for you that you finally got a paddy you love!
  7. I believe the "specs" say it is about 10" high and about 15" long...7-8" deep. But since there is no stuff in it yet, it is squishy and unstructured and just sort of "flopping" which makes it seem longer. I think once I put my things in (and a purseket for structure) it will be more square. Because of the square shape it looks a lot bigger to me than the regular Paddy, but really it's more height and depth than anything. But the color is TDF!!! I think it might even be better than the jeans moyen blue!
  8. Loganz, do you LOVE:love: :love: :love: this color?!?!?! I think I will be carrying this for daily least for a while. It is certainly big enough to haul around all of my stuff, even to use for class (if I only have to carry a book and notebook), and perhaps a small animal! J/ animals in Paddy.:biggrin:
  9. Wow it does look rather large. How are you liking it? The colour is so unique, though it does look rather 'dove' in that photo. Yay! It arrived!
  10. woohoo arent you glad the wait is over? I love that color :love:
  11. That mousse bag is to die for!!!! I want it now! :love:

    Congrats ETenebris! I can't wait to see pics of it on your shoulder. I kind of like how that large pocket adds another dimension to the bag now.... how long did it take for you to get the bag from LVR from the time you ordered it?

    The big question is... do I sell my whisky paddy for this :wacko:

    I have to go by the mantra: one bag in, one bag out ... arggh!!
  12. Yes! Would love to see you wearing the bag. CONGRATS!!!
  13. I will try to get more pics this afternoon. I ordered the bag on the 8th (my time) which was the 9th in Italy. According to FedEx, it shipped on the 10th, and they contacted me yesterday for customs information. The bag arrived this morning. So all in all, about six days if you have not ordered from LVR before. And they shipped it for free!:nuts:
  14. Congrats.I love the color!!!
    Show us a pic of you holding it for size...if you can!!
  15. More pics...on and outside:
    Big Pocket On.jpg Chloe Mousse Big Pocket outside.jpg Chloe Mousse Big Pocket side.jpg