Mousse and gris-vert...

  1. Can anyone tell me if these two colors are similar of very different:confused1: I have never seen mousse in person but in pics it looks light grey. TIA;)
  2. I'm not seeing the pictures, are they posted? Or am I just duhhhhh:push:
  3. Sorry, I didn't post pics. Just wondering what they look like in person because in pics they almost look alike.
  4. I have a mousse paddy and it is quite a deep grey with a tiny hint of green. It isn't dark grey, but it isn't light either. Could it be the case that gris-vert is the french name for the same colour?
  5. Hi, if you search the older threads someone did a good explanation a while ago - but it's something like this (bad rendition :p) - mousse was the first version of this color, and the edging is (I believe) a darker gray/green - gris-vert is the following season, and although the bags are basically the same color leather, the trimming/edging on the gris-vert is more of a purple-y color. Again, this is from memory, so I would do a search, but hope this points in the right direction! :smile:
  6. Thanks rubylola & macbagger!!! I almost bought a bag I already have:sweatdrop:.
  7. ali w your bag addiction just might....just might....beat mine!:queen:
  8. Its horrible if they had a rehab I would check myself in:yes::sweatdrop:. I just can't say no especially to a deal:push:
  9. I have both the gris vert and the mousse. The gris vert is darker and has more of a greenish tinge plus the edging is almost a purple color. The mousse is lighter with more if a blue gray tone and the edging is the same hue of the bag but darker. If you like blue I would go with the mousse, and if you like a more greenish cast I would go with the gris vert. They are VERY close, but not identical. (I don't have a digital camera to use!):wlae:
  10. I bought a mousse from NAP but the description just given by Beanie for Gris vert matches my mousse better than the one she gave for mousse!?! Maybe I actually have Gris Vert. Well, its a gorgeous bag anyway, and I love the silver hardware whichever it is.
  11. I have the large front pocket paddy in gris-vert. Now I've just seen one in mousse and it looks light blue-ish/grey. So I was thinking of getting it. But I don't want to get it if it looks the same as my other one.
  12. I have mousse and there is a definitely sage undertone. Here are pics to help!
    Paddy1.jpg Paddy2.jpg Paddy3.jpg Picture 383.jpg
  13. I agree, there are definitely green/sage undertones to the mousse, depending on the light!
    Here's mine:
  14. I have a mousse paddy and I LOVE it! The color goes with's really a warm gray with a hint of blue/green. Absolutely stunning!!
  15. chicky and jag thanks for the photos, that helps. The two colors are a tad bit different but not enough to have the same bag in those colors. Thanks so much everybody for your help, I don't know what I would do without this place:girlsigh::heart::heart: