1. Freggin there is a mouse in my apartment!!!!!!!! My roomate the other day said she saw one but I didn't beelive her... and that little bugger just slyly ran across the front room floor... WTF!!!! I am on the couch and it is under the couch across from me.. my heart is racing and I am afriad it is going to try to attack me with its rabies!!!!!

    Do mice have rabies?!?! I am scared to leave this damned couch!!!!!!! Will it come up in my bed??? :wtf:
  2. they can host various diseases unfortunately. when their feces is dry the powdery substance is toxic so clean any you find immediately. you can buy a havaheart trap (doesn't kill) but they sometimes can outsmart those. you may have to resort to a bait trap (small black box). I know it sounds mean to poison but the diseases these guys can spread are nasty. mice are not endangered.
  3. Diseases?!?!? Will it try to attack me???? Little :mad:holes are in my apartment!!!!!!!!!!!!! GRRRRRRR
  4. I've never been attacked by a mouse so you should be fine ;). It probably is more afraid of you than you are of the little mouse. That's why it's hiding.

    Please try a trap that won't hurt the little guy (sounds silly but I love mice).
  5. First of all you should proberly call the super in the morning, then hide your bags cos you don't want the little critter chomping and gnawing away at it.

    Unfortunately these buildings are old, and mice in the city is not unusual.

    In the subways in Queens and the Bronx they have *catrats* I saw one once and ran screaming and got a cop, it was bigger than a cat, hence the name.:nuts:
  6. Prada tell me you are kidding!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :sick: If I see a catrat I will die.. no joke. I'm still hiding on the other couch. Do they climb up onto couches and beds???? OMg I am so scared!!!!

    I told the doorman on Friday but they were so busy, so hopefully they will come tomorrow- I will have to tell him again!! AHHH :Push:

    No, sorry, I would be lying if i said that, Its not the doorman's responsibility its the super, Do you know who he is ? This is his job.
    I spotted one here last year, and the super filled up a hole that was in the foyer coat closet. My doorman just passed on the message to the super.

    I hate them too!
  7. Oh megs that is horrible. I would be awake all night if I was you. I am sure it wont bother you but it is scary!!!!

    I had a mouse once at my moms house and I was so scared I thru a HUGE block of cheese down the basement and hoped it would stay down there and eat all night!!!!!
  8. Oh yay! Call him Jerry and play poker with him!
  9. :roflmfao: :roflmfao: :roflmfao: WELCOME TO NEW YORK!!!!
  10. :roflmfao: Haha, good one!
    Aww, poor Megs. I hate rats, too! :throwup:
  11. This is NOT a laughing matter!!!!!!!!!!!!! :sad: :Push:

    I just want to get my soy chai tea latte from the fridge and go hide.

    Prada- I'll tell them tomorrow morning.

    Baggaholic- I would prefer the welcome to NYC sans rodents!!! :wtf: :upsidedown:
  12. ^^Very cute, Vlad...Don't be scared, Megs! He really shouldn't bother you...but it may help to think of him as "Micky". He's probably on tMF (Mouse Forum) posting a "OMG, There's a Weird Lady on the Couch" thread :lol:...

    ...edited for tired typo...:rolleyes:
  13. OH Megs!!!! I'm so sorry!!!! Go in your room and make sure he's not in there and don't come out!!!! You'll have to get a trap tomorrow and fill it with cheese! Ooooo, I would just DIE!!!!! Good luck, I hope you get rid of him soon!!
  14. AHHHHHH I hate mice SO SOOO VERY MUCH!!

    Edit: okay, sorry...I'm not much help in these situations.
  15. No such thing, Rats and mice outnumber NYC residents!