mouse stam!! help!

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  1. hey guys!

    just wondering - is the mouse color available only in the e/w style or in the regular stam style as well?

    and do you guys know if bloomingdales carries them? im out of the country right now so am unable to call around and ask! so thanks in advance for your help!!!
  2. Yes it is available in all sizes. I don't know about Bloomingdales because I don't shop there. But I know that Nordstrom, Neimans, and Saks are, so it's very likely that Bloomies is.
  3. I recently saw a e/w stam in bloomingdales...white plains, ny.

    I would guess that the nyc store (lex and 59) would definitely have them.
  4. Saw it at Bloomingdale's Fashion Island (949.729.6718).
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