Mouse Stam (Fall 06) or Black Stam (Resort 06)? Which would be better?

  1. I recently purchased a mouse stam from the Saks F&F sale. Great color that will definitely work fwith my wardrobe.

    However, I am now contemplating getting a black stam instead from the LA store since I would get the same discount. It would most likely be the black resort 06 because I am assuming that is what they are now getting in stock.

    My mouse has the light canvas lining, but the black will now have the dark brown lining.

    Since I don't have extensive knowledge about the leather differences, I'm not sure as to which of these bags would be the better choice. Anything I should know to aid in my decision-making? :confused1: Any preferences from one color to another?
  2. well.....i guess i'd say you can always get black, but mouse is a seasonal color, so maybe it's a little more "special"??

    that said, if you're only going to have one, you should get the one that you'll be able to use the most. for me, that would be black....
  3. I just saw Resort 06's Black Stam at my local Bloomingdale's. This Black Stam has texturized leather, off-black stitching, dark brown canvas lining, shiny gold hardware. I like it, it's nicer than some of the Black Stams with grey stitching. Get this one!!!

    Bloomingdale's Friends and Family event (20% off; MJ bags are included) will be on 11/15-11/19. Pre-sale starts tomorrow (Nov 9th), you can call & reserve the item with your credit card information (any card will do); your account won't be charged until the 1st day of the event 11/15. Store transfer is not available at Bloomingdale's, but you can call the store & have it shipped to your house directly; you can ask the SA to waive your shipping.

    When buying an unseen item, Bloomies & Nordies (price match) would be better than MJ boutiques because they allow returns. MJ stores allow exchange or store credit within 7-days of purchase only.

    If you are interested in the Black Stam (stored inside glass case) that I just saw at my local Bloomies, PM me; I will give you the number & contact there.
  4. I say black!
  5. I would agree that perhaps Mouse, since it's a seasonal color, will have that special appeal compared to the black. The black will be a classic color though... If you feel that the mouse will go well with your wardrobe, then stick to it. Or you could do both, since it's on sale! Can't beat that!

    Wish I could have seen the new season bags last night, I was at Taste across the street and could see the bags in the MJ window while I was eating.. Too bad it was closed already. *sniff* So close but yet so far! But in any case, Taste was delicious! Definitely stop by if you visit the MJ store on Melrose. Kobe burger, cumin spice pork chops, and chicken penne were TDF.