mouse stam bag

  1. Anyone know where I can purchase a mouse stam bag on sale?
  2. I haven't seen one in awhile. The last time I saw one was at Barney's in January/February.
  3. Your best bet is department stores and MJ boutiques. I remember seeing a Mouse Stam in Nordies at Towson, MD, but I don't think they will be on sale. The stams that are on sale are the ones that either didn't do well or are seasonal. Mouse did very well in the Fall 06 line so I think there is not much of a chance you can find them discounted.
  4. Hey, I picked up a mouse baby stam yesterday at Saks sale. They had one more there. I will be returning mine if you are interested. It cost me $400 with tax (retail $795)
  5. There is another mouse baby stam at Saks in New Orleans on sale. I think it was about $400 as well.
  6. I am pretty sure I just saw a Mouse Stam at Bloomingdale's in NYC. I was there on Wednesday and they only had two Stams (black and mouse)