Mouse stam(06)

  1. Hey there,
    Anyone looking for this particular stam, I just returned one today to Nordies @ the grove. It was $700 after taxes. It's in perfect condition, I decided to return it because it's been sitting in my closet since Jan/Feb(07) unused:crybaby:. I hope someone from here gets it, hopefully they will still sell at the sale price.
  2. Wow, beautiful bag! I hope someone snags it!!
  3. how can you return a stam after it's been so long, it's been over 6 months? they let you just return it to them? did they ask you why? etc?
  4. ^^^It's Nordstroms! They don't have a time limit on returns. They don't ask any questions they just return it, especially since the bag was brand new and never used!
  5. omg! ive always wanted this bag but got the topaz instead.
  6. Man,if it's the bLack cLassic quiLted stam,I snatched it right away!
  7. OMG *dies*. Which state was this Nordstrom's in?
  8. It's a good thing! Nordstroms doesn't have a time Limit on returns...:graucho:
  9. California@ the Grove in Los Angeles!
  10. LA, CA... Give em a call, they do charge sends!
  11. goodness, i would love the topaz, i have the stam hobo in cashew, so another bag in that family, won't do. i want a stam in topaz soooo bad, i just don't want to pay full price
  12. Nordies is sooo cool for letting you return it
  13. I shop Nordies in large part due to their return policy. I am a serious impulse buyer, I always think I neeed something, that I can't live unless I have So when I realize I don't need something as much as I thought(i.e it sits in my closet too long) I know I have the option of taking it back.
  14. Even thought the stam and the hobo are in the same family they are a bit different. I too have the hobo(in black) and I love it, carried it numerous times.
    So I think you can get away with having both:yes:!
  15. agree, i have the mouse stam hobo and topaz stam and they are very different :smile:
    i also returned the MJ black bowler a month ago which i bought back in Sept 06 at Nordies Oakbrook, not even a question asked!