Mouse shoes!

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  1. These are some of the cutest things ever. :flowers:

    I want to get them wear them around the house to see if my cat chases after my feet. :heart:

    They are currently at the top of my "best marc jacobs things ever" list.
  2. Too cute! Love them!
  3. I love them. Too bad they´re sold out :sad:
  4. :confused1: They're not sold out on shop bop.
  5. I love these, I always wanted the white patent or black patent ones..I saw them once in Neiman's then never again.
    Yesterday a package was left on the porch from elux and apparently my mom got the new style black ones for me! I hope she gives them to me soon, I want to wear them lol. :heart:
  6. The Mouse shoes are the cutest!

    Rebecca - your Mom is the sweetest!:yes:
  7. I have the white patent ones and they're ADORABLE! the slingbacks are darling too but the slingbacks dont have the cute little tail
  8. teeehee...those are ADORABLE!:yes:
  9. They're really cute! In case anyone wanted to check out eBay, be careful because there are fakes!
  10. They´re re-introcuded them. I mistaked these for the patent ones, sorry :smile:
  11. They're really adorable. Are they made of felt/suede/pony hair? or is plain black leather? I can't tell...
  12. I have a pair - in black patent leather!

    I love them, and always get compliments when I wear them.
  13. Oh! These are so cute! I came oh-so -close to getting them! Are they comfy???
  14. ahhhh they are sooo grossssss they are HAIRY!!!!!!!!! grosssss
  15. i have them in black PATENT leather which are cute but hair?? thats just sick
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.