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  1. I've got a mouse on my ring, and I'm happy :yahoo:

    I got this on the summer...

    It was on Sunday. I was tired and hangover after Saturday night. And as usual, I was guilty and so I accompanied my mom to go jewelry shopping... My younger brother was so cute.. He wants me to look at a goldfish ring, he usually accompanied my mom so we went to the shop. My mom was a regular, so the owner knew my mom..and they showed me the goldfish ring. It was beautiful.. with a big yellow pearl, yellow diamonds, and regular diamonds, but it was a tad expensive for clusters of diamonds and 1 pearl. And then the owner showed my mom the MOUSE ring.. and I tried those on.. It looked cute.

    Then my mom said "Ok we'll take that"... and she said it was for me.. Well I was shocked :wtf: , but here it is.. It's so cute, and unique.. It has small diamonds for tails and ears, and it has two pink sapphires as eyes.. I love it!

    It's my present for accompanying my mom with a hangover :party: ..



  2. oooooh that's the cutest thing i've ever seen!!!.......would you happen to know the name of the designer, that's just too adorable :love:
  3. Oh my god, sooo cute ! Congrats !
  4. I think it was made in hongkong by a jewelry artisan. I don't know who made it though.
  5. gosh! that is so darn cute!!

    it reminded me of ayla's avatar!
  6. awww! darling!

    what a great mom!
  7. So cute!
  8. So cute!!
  9. what a cool ring! Its incredible!
  10. so cute! love it:smile:
  11. I love it!!! What a great present! I want one.:yes:
  12. Wow you have one cool Mum! I love your ring it's gorgeous :smile:
  13. OMG That is the cutest thing I've ever seen! I love it!
  14. Cute!!!!!
  15. LOL... It's true... hahaha...
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