Mouse ran me out of my house last night!

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  1. So, I have had an unwelcome visitor on and off during the past 3 weeks. He usually keeps to himself, but lately he has been getting quite comfortable in my apartment. He's found M&Ms and snacks on them. How do I know? He leaves the shells behind :Push: he enjoys the yummy chocolatey inside and leaves the shells for mama to clean up.
    I have this couch that I never use and it serves as a storage for boxes and whatnot, well he's decided that will be his fort and poops on it every other day :yucky:
    I have been quite absent and after returning home last night from a long weekend away from home, the first thing I found: an orange M&M shell on the kitchen counter. I go into my room and lay down, pondering on how I shall approach him. See, I have intended to catch him with homemade traps, to avoid making him suffer... but he is torturing me and the stupid traps don't work. He is quite noisy at night, especially last night.

    He kept on rustling while I was trying to watch "Funny Face," so I got up to see where he was. He had fallen inside a folder/magazine container and was trying to get out by jumping. I thought, this is my chance to catch him! I put my shoe over the opening and went to get a tall trash can to transfer him into. Well, that little bastard jumped high enough to escape and when I came back I saw his little tail hide underneath my TV station. He kept on playing hide and seek with me. It was midnight and I was quite tired, so I tried to scare him out to the kitchen. He made a break for it when I went to the bathroom and hid under a suitcase in the living room. I went back in my room and blocked the bottom of the door with a towel so he wouldn't come back in. I was all ready to go to sleep when I see him out of the corner of my eye coming back in! :wtf:

    I was so pissed! You would think that after someone just scared the crap out of you, you may want to stay away from them! Well, not him. He traveled all the way around my room and started rustling behind my nightstand! I saw him and quickly ran after him with an umbrella! I was frantic!
    He saw me and kept on going, right behind my bed.

    I was really annoyed and as you can tell I'm not particularly afraid of mice. Never really been, but he annoys me more than any other. I called a cab and went to my bf's. 30 minutes and $22 later I was sitting on his bed repeating: " I can't believe this! 9 years on my own and a mouse ran me out of my house!"

    I woke up this morning and got 2 traps, which are supposed to contain him as soon as he gets in it.

    I am hoping that he is not feel triumphant after last night and get in the darn trap!

    Ahh, it feels good to rant :yes:

    If you had any tips for me to hunt this little rascal, do shoot them my way :tup:
  2. Mice like peanut butter and cool, dark places. I would put some PB on the traps and see if you can't catch him.

    I had a mouse problem last fall and I caught them all with traps laced with peanut butter. Good luck!
  3. ok, i have to say, that story was actually kinda cute!! Especially the part about him leaving the shells behind of the m&ms!! Definitely try peanut butter...they make these traps that are like little clear plastic boxes that has one little door that only pushes in (to let him in) and wont let him out. You put a cracker with peaunt butter in it and he'll run in there and wont be able to get out. Then you simply take the box (you wont have to touch any part of him) and bring it outside, push the door and let him out. Its humaine, doesn't hurt him and keeps him contained until you let him out. Your m&ms will be safe after that! good luck!
  4. I had a mouse problem this week too...he climbed into my hamper and chewed holes through ten pairs of my underwear. He finally came out, and I chased him with a broom. I'm too scared to put traps down! I'm not scared of mice, but I don't want to see a dead and/or trapped and struggling one!
  5. OH no! Your story had me laughing out loud though (you're a great storyteller). I hope you catch him!!!
  6. Your story is hilarious! Hope you catch him... but please don't hurt him. He's just a little mouse.
  7. No tips, but I love your story.

    Are you sure you want to get rid of him? You two really seem to get along pretty good. :P ;) (just kidding)

    You are a great mouse mommy if you still buy mouse-friendly traps.
  8. #8 Jan 21, 2009
    Last edited: Jan 21, 2009

    Well boys and girls... it's rather ironic, but now that I have set up both traps with none other than his favorite snack, he is MIA! I haven't heard him all day.

    Pedrito (I decided to name the little rascal) usually hangs around at this time, but he probably suspects that I have been cleaning up and split.

    I did find the bag of M&Ms they were snacking on... or what was left of it :Push:
    It was a bag of mini M&Ms I had bought for Halloween... I had forgotten all about it, but they found it!
    I say "they" because I saw Pedrito's friend once, a slightly bigger mouse who could care less about my presence :nogood:
    Me thinks they left because they ran out of M&Ms :P
    They ate through the whole bag and made two holes in an old coat I have never used :wtf:
    Those bastards!

    Anyhow, it is now 12:50 and I haven't heard a noise.

    Evy: 1
    Pedrito: 0

    (To be continued...)
  9. Personally, I prefer a mouse, even a family of them, to a roach.
  10. Oh no, not me :Push:
    Back in Peru, we had an infestation of them and it was horrible! Some could even fly! :wtf:
    I rather have Pedrito around than a Roach fam. :yes:
  11. Thank you :P I always try to be as detailed as possible when telling stories just so people can get a good picture of what has happened :nuts:

    I will update if anything else happens with Pedrito :yes:
  12. Get rid of him? Oh no! :nogood: I would like for him to brighten his horizons and perhaps visit other houses, cities, states? :nuts:
    The traps I got do not poison him, only trap him :yes: so he will be alright.
  13. Evy, your story reminds me of the movie Ratatouille. Except maybe Ratatouille was rat... and he could cook. :P
  14. :amuse: Funny you should say that... While I was on the phone with my BF last night, his niece yelled out: "Say Hi to Evy and Remi! I hear he went to visit her!" :P
    Yeah, I wish he could cook! That would be one of us in this house with culinary abilities :yes:
  15. #15 Jan 21, 2009
    Last edited: Jan 21, 2009
    Mice are so cute! BUT not in my house!!! I had an infestation of them after DH passed and it got so bad I had to use traps. Peanut butter worked better than anything. But where I live, if I did a catch and release, they would just come back in. I NEVER used anything that didn't kill them instantly, though. I can't stand for anything to suffer.

    And you know, they (whoever the ellusive "they" are) say that for every ONE you see, there are many more that you don't see. There's never just one.

    I had one little guy who got so fat that when he took off around the corner, he actually bounced like a cartoon mouse rounding a corner - you could almost hear the cartoon sound effects! So cute. He was so comical I had to laugh. But NOT in my house! They are germy, nasty, poopy, sometimes disease carrying rodents. Telling myself that was the ONLY way I could justify killing them and that was only after I tried the catch and release route and everything else I could think of.

    They got so brave that I actually caught my dogs (out on the screened-in porch) eating out of the same bowl as one of them at the SAME TIME! I tried to snap a pic but the little buggers are fast! Dumb dogs. I went out once and stood silently (I was trying to get a pic) for a few minutes until they came to life again and it was like watching a circus of acrobatic mice. Jumping, climbing, sliding down boxes, grabbing dog food a piece at a time...There were DOZENS of them. That's when I realized I would have to kill them.