mouse grey color

  1. hello everyone, i have a question about the color mouse grey. Is this color a pure grey or brownish grey? In pictures, some are grey and some are brownish grey. I am thinking about buying a softy zip clutch. another question, is mouse grey the only grey shades that the softy zip clutch came out in? thanks :lol:
  2. I think it is kind of a taupe shade.
  3. The MJ mouse's I've seen were leaning toward taupey rather than gray.
  4. It's not a flat grey. It is a very warm-toned almost blush grey. Hope this helps. :smile:
  5. thank you very much ^_^
  6. I have the heidi turnlock bowler in this colour and it reminds me of wet cement, a deep slate gray that has a purple-ish tinge. Hope that helps :yes: