mouse flats opinions

  1. im so tempted to order a pair of those mbymj mouse flats but its the most ive ever spent on shoes so i want be sure id wear them for a long time. do you guys see them lasting over many seasons? for those of you who have them, do you plan on wearing them for years to come?
  2. If I had a pair, I would wear them forever!!
  3. i think they're very clever and cute. i would wear them as much as i could!
  4. I have the black/white spotted ones and I wear them all the time. They are super comfy too :smile: Just be sure to order half a size or a whole size up though. I usually wear a 7(37) and had to get a 38...and they fit perfectly. Definitely get them!
  5. I want a pair as well, they are cute!!
  6. my bf bought me a pair for xmas. im waiting for rain season to be over before i wear them ^_^

    i also bought spotted ones for myself. debating whether to keep those or not!
  7. i think they're super cute. i wear mine all the time & will for years to come. best $200 i've spent!
  8. If anyone is lookign for MJ mouse flat, they had them on sale at Bloomingdales at Sherman Oaks for 40% Off. I am not sure what size they had left, as I did not ask. They are the faux fur ones.
  9. I want a pair of these really badly in black.

    I think I would wear them a lot.
  10. I posted pics of mine....i have them in black and they are SOOOO cute. (got them on e-bay) No one confirmed if they were real or not when i posted my pics but i think they are real? Anyway, GO FOR IT! They are sooo adorable! :tup:
  11. Ha! Well, i just went through the original post of the "mouse shoes" well, i guess mine are fake!!!:cursing::cursing: Anyway, nothing i can do now! Beeeeyoch that sold them to me no longer has an account on e-bay...figures...! :sad::cursing: Still, if you can find some real ones on i think? They truly are cute. They still look good on me though...for what its worth..uuuh!!!:hrmm: Good luck:smile:
  12. They are adorable, but I find them kind of uncomfortable. Definitely beware of fakes. The best price I have seen for authentic ones is a recent markdown to about $295 in a local boutique. I think if you see them for like $100, you should be wary.
  13. They are cute, but not my style. i THINK i saw them at Nordstrom Rack, so you might want to check there. Also, a few weeks ago Bloomingdales had them for somewhere in between $100-$200
  14. I have white patent slingbacks, they are so freakin' cute. That style in my opinion fits true to size. If you love them, go for it!