Mouse Color


Nov 1, 2005
^^ the mouse color is very unique and pretty... i would get it b/c mj bags are classic in design and it is such a lovely neutral color :smile:

I agree...although I should learn to follow that advice too. I think because I'm so color-shy, I've now realized that I have way too many black bags (because I have the mentality that I'm spending so much money that I should probably stick with a color that I will use for years to come) and really need to diversify.

I do find that because most MJ bags are so classic in their design, that you will end up using them for years to come. My first MJ purchase was a wine-colored Stella bag years and years ago - I took a risk because I was seriously going to buy it in black. Even though it's a "color", I find that I grab it time and time again.

Having seen the Mouse color, I think it's really different and unique. It's an interesting mix of brown, taupe, and grey and surprisingly neutral.

Good luck and let us know what you decide to do!