Mouse Color

  1. If you have a mouse colored MJ, can you post a pic? I haven't seen one in real life, only pics. How do you like the color?
  2. I have the stam in this color, its imo a greyish brown but very pretty:tup:
  3. I think the color is really pretty... it's a greyish taupe color and has a really nice sheen to it, almost pearlish. I think it makes a great neutral to any wardrobe. I would love to find a blake in Mouse!
  4. Love it. Thanks for posting the pic Ali W. I think this will be my new obsession color :smile:
  5. Is it too late to find any bags in Mouse? I was obsessing over the banana hobo (I think that's the name) several months ago.
  6. I think it might be too late, but you never know.... there may be one hidden in some backroom somewhere. It's from last spring so it's doubtful that a dept store would carry it.
  7. Here's my stam hobo. I think mouse is a very versatile color and it happens to match with most wardrobe. It's like the new 'brown' IMO.
    DSC00035edit.jpg DSC00028edit.jpg
  8. Pablo Honey-Love your bag! I was wanting either the Stam or Hobo Stam in Mouse. It looks very chic on you!
  9. MandB, I was just at Saks nyc and they had a ton of hobo bananas- I didn't see any in taupe, but you never know.
  10. Thanks, yes.please. But how much were they? That's the kicker since we're remodeling our house.
  11. If the Mouse color is so old, then I think it's time for to put it on sale!
  12. Wow didn't know mouse was not available anymore. I was going to pass on my mouse stam but maybe I should hold on a little longer:graucho:
  13. Is the mouse color a color that you think will be in style 3 years from now?
  14. they have the mouse stam hobo on also, i know that i've seen the mouse stam this year, i'm sorry i can't remember the specific store but it's around... try bloomingdales in century city or Saks and Neiman Marcus in l.a., o.c., vegas..hth!
  15. Thanks Saera. I did see the bag on & that is where I want to buy it from but with spending that much money, I want to make sure that the color isn't just a fad color & maybe I should go with something more classic like black.