Mouse, Cashew or Chestnut Stam Hobo?

  1. Ladies, which color do you prefer for the stam hobo?
  2. Between those 3 color, I think I'm gonna go with Cashew. I like that color the best compare to the other 2. Second, I might go with mouse. Originally I wanted to get a stam hobo in black.
  3. I really like the chesnut!
  4. I think all three of those choice are good colors. But if I had to choose one it would be the chestnut, that color seems to really standout.
  5. i am obsessed with mouse, would love to add that to my collection.
  6. i think cashew is more like everyday color, it doesn't stand out like the other two. if i cud get my hands to a stam hobo, personally, i'll get the chestnut or a mouse.
  7. Just my humble opinion, but I think the mouse color looks sort of washed out. I would go for cashew as a neutral or chestnut if you wear a lot of brown accents in the fall and winter, like I do.
  8. I have the Stam in Mouse so I guess it would be silly for me to also have the Stam Hobo in Mouse, right? I guess I should choose between the Stam Hobo in Cashew vs. Chestnut. Is it silly to have a Stam AND Stam Hobo? :p
  9. i'd say mouse, because I really love this colour, but as you mentioned you got the normal stam in this colour so I'd rather take one of the other colours.
    I try to sort such things out when thinking of which colour I don't have yet in my personal bag collection.maybe this helps a bit.

    I'd go for chestnut, but it also depends what you want to wear to it.
    Have you thought about the black one ;) ?
  10. I vote mouse. It is such an interesting color and different from what's out there right now....I hope you get it! it's such a gorgeous bag!
  11. I like Cashew. Let us know what you decide!
  12. Does anyone have pictures of these colors, or know where to find a color chart, or its equivalent?
  13. chestnut! :biggrin:
  14. I have a Mouse Stam Hobo and I get compliments all the time!!! I was skeptical when I ordered it but I LOVE it! It seems to go with everything!
  15. Oh how I love the stam hobo, its my favorite bag!!! I wish I could find the colors listed above... I wonder why Marc didn't make this bag another season????