Mourning the loss of my would-be Mizi..

  1. Sorry, I have to vent here, my friends just wouldnt understand..

    I just got off the phone with LV and there are no more Mizi's. :cry: I finally get the funds and I can't even find one. I've been wanting that bag for such a long time too. :sad: The lady I talked to said they arent even going to get anymore. I knew the bag was limited, but I thought they were going to keep making them for another month or something? And now i'm suddenly regretting the fact that I bought a Paddington a couple months ago instead..

    If anybody suddenly gets sick of theirs, i'm interested! :graucho:
  2. I'm sorry to hear that.

    When I bought my Mizi a month or so back I was told they wouldnt make anymore.

    Its weird with LV b-cuz one SA tells you one thing and then you call th 1888 number and they tell you something else. I always go with what the 1888 number says. sometimes the SA's are the last to know.

    A PF member in canada says that there are a few left there. I'm not sure if Canada will ship to the US but its worth a shot.

    Also a PF member found one on ebay last week in perfect condition.

    So there still a chance. hang in there
  3. :cry: That stinks.
    I love the Mizi.
    It's such a beautiful bag. On my dream list.

    I scoured ebay for a Monogram Theda for at least 2 weeks, but after a ton of wading through crap, I finally found one.

    And of course, there IS the chance that a forum member may eventually want to part with one.

    I'm sure one will turn up for you sooner or later.
  4. I agree. Last week I called 1888LV about the mono Mizi, the SA said that they ARE still making the Mizi on a very limited quantity until June. He put my name on the waiting list.

    Since then I've seen pictures of people wearing it and while I like the bag still I've decided it's not for me. So if the SA calls me to say he located one, do you want me to give him your name?
  5. I called 866 Vuitton, is 1888LV a whole different thing? :shame: If so i'd love to get his name.

    Also thank you everyone who responded, I wouldnt have gotten this kind of support from my friends. Mostly just weird looks. :P
  6. ***hugs**** i hope you do get your Mizi
  7. Aww, I hope you do get a mizi somehow.
  8. Don't give up! Even if the bag is not in production anymore, there still is a chance the are floating around in the stores. Make friends with a SA, she will have the computer data base that tells you where they are in the world. It's just finding someone who will make the effort. If not get on the phone yourself and make some calls directly. Do you have friends in other countries?? Trust me, never give up!! Worst case scenario you find it on ebay in the future. They all come round. I have found things years later and i was still thrilled to get them!! GOOD LVCK!
  9. No, you're right. it was my typo. its 1866 vuitton. Not 1-888 :Push:

    Have you heard anything different yet or are they all gone?
  10. You're not alone riana. I've been on the hunt for a Mizi for a while now. And I haven't been able to get one. I know that Canada has some but they aren't willing to ship to the US. But if you have a friend over there than you can ask them to buy it for you and then ship it to you.