mourning for the Dior Samourai 1947

  1. Ever since receiving my catalouge in the mail a couple of months ago, I have been drooling at the grey alligator samourai weave. I enquired about it with my SA,was told only one avaliable in the USA and it tours around all boutiques in US. I didnt want her to get it in since I think it is way too expensive.

    So fast forward a few months, hubby planned a surprise trip to Las Vegas. While I was there, I couldnt help but to ask the dior boutique again, the SA told me it's in Beverly Hills now and they can transfer it to Vegas so that I can take a look before I decide. But I declined again, thinking it's too much. Hubby was very supportive and told me to get it if I really want it. I thought about it, thought about it somemore and finally decided YES! Since this couple of days is NM double points, I contacted NM dior and boy I was in luck, NM's buyer ordered 4 while dior boutique only has 1 and THERE'S ONE IN NM SF (which is 30 min ride from home) and they placed it on hold for me. I jumped on the plane last night, SO EXCITED to return home and set off this moring and got to NM right at 10 something.

    The purse was beautiful, exquisite and my eyes were only on that baby. Hubby whipped out CC, ready to swipe seeing that gleam in my eyes. BUT I tried it on, and the knot for the freaking shoulder parts cuts across my shoulder and it freaking hurt!@!*&

    I was so sad and disappointed, no way I will get a bag that makes me uncomfortable. The bag is OH SO beautiful, with Japanese fabric for the inside lining! I didnt even run over for Christian Louboutin (he was in SF NM today signing shoes) and everyone was appluading him when he walked in. But my heart was totally on this samourai bag. SA brought me to the bag repairman on site and he said there's nothing he could do.

    SA tried to sell me the normal verson in leather since leather is much softer and the handles wouldnt hurt as this stiff alligator. But I only had eyes for the grey alligator!

    I walked out of the store empty handed and was so sad. Hubby was all quiet, didnt know what to say. I know it sounds silly, but my head was light, my body was heavy. I was so wound up to take this baby home that I felt like I lost something so precious when I couldnt take it home.

    This is my longest post but I just needed to share this "grief" with you guys :crybaby::crybaby:
  2. Hello...whew...what a post!

    I am so terribly sorry the Samouri bag was uncomfortable (especially after all you went through). They are very beautiful. Have you thought about possibly looking at some of the other Samouri style bags? I know the SA mentioned leather, but they do have quite a few styles and maybe another would be more comfortable. Or you could possibly not wear it upon the shoulder and utilize it as a handheld bag as shown below.

    best wishes and keep your chin up!


  3. In Green Suede

  4. Thanks doll for the pics. But for the price I am going to pay, it has to be absolutely the way I want to wear it. Besides I am petite so it looks weird when it hangs so low.

    For now, I will go back to drooling. I am sure by tomorrow I will feel great about my bank acct =) For now, I am still a mourning a little.
  5. I can see how the knotted strap could be uncomfortable but there are others without the knot, if you love the bag that much maybe go for one of the others posted.

  6. Oh I see you only wanted that particular bag, fair enough when spending that sort of money you would want it to be exact ;)

    There looks to be a grey one posted below which looks exactly the same but without the knot unless of course her hand is covering it.

    On second looksy it does seem her hand is covering the knot so it's the same bag as you looked at.
  7. sorry to hear about the loss of the perfect samurai bag, jeslyn. i know how it feels and the alligator samurai does look absolutely stunning, but i'm sure something else from dior will come up in the future that would take your breath away like the samurai bag has.

    on the brighter side of things, it's wonderful how absolutely supportive and encouraging your husband is of your love for purses! :yes:

    p/s i wonder if you could get dior to custom make one (without the knot) for you. i recall seeing a leather book in paris and surely with a leather book, that means they do take custom orders?
  8. that's a good idea, no harm in asking ;)
  9. jes, i am so so sorry your dream didnt come true for you...i hope you will some other bag youre gonna love or they will custom make it for you the way you want, girl ! :heart:
  10. here's a *cyber hug* to you
    understand how u feel. But you have a wonderful hubby!
  11. Owww.. Thanks ladies for your wonderful support. I know only you gals can understand how I feel. Regarding special order, I did consult with the SA, she says it would take about 6 months and 30% extra fee depending if their buyer can get that special ordered from Paris. However I think Beverly Hills buyer can definately charge less or even no fee for speacial order. But alligator handles is not the best choice for a shoulder bag as I wish for, even without the knot. It is too stiff esp when this particular handle is so thin. I am not sure if you gals see it, it's 2 thin handles tied into a knot.

    Yes! I do have the best hubby and of course the best pals here on purse forum to understand my purse drama =)
  12. OMG!!! Thanks for sharing, these bags are stunning!
  13. I went ahead and got the samourai purple from E Luxury but it wasn't the bright purple as shown in the pics but a deeper wine color which I love. The purse is something else and for some odd reason I didn't feel at all guilty about spending the money on this one. It's so cool!
  14. Congrats :drool:, any chance of a pic?

  15. you teaser ! how can you write about such a gorgeous bag and not post pics ! ;)