Mountain Dew

  1. Hi Everyone,

    I know this may sound silly but I know that mountain dew is really cheap in the US , but is no longer availiable here in the UK . Its my brothers birthday coming up and I wanted to get him something different. He is 16, and is addicted to mountain dew... but over here you have to pay like $2.50 for one can. Therefore is anyone able to ship some over to me here in the UK if I pay for it and shipping ... as long as its not going to be stupidly expensive.

    Would this be possible, or does this sound stupid LOL :P
  2. It might be pretty expensive to ship heavy cans to the UK... you should definitely see if its significantly less!
  3. Sending a package that weighs one pound from the US to the UK costs $9.15, and a two pound package costs $14. One can is less than a pound, but two cans will be definitely over a pound so the postage will be more than $10. I think if you send cans of soda via air mail, it will end up costing more than $2.50 per can.
  4. Why in the world is it so expensive in UK??? That seems ridiculous!

    I do think it would be super expensive to get shipped over there though since it's very heavy.