Mount St. Helens

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  1. No, it has not blow it's top again, but I am going there today. I'll be gone all day but will try to get some pics I can post later.

    For those unfamiliar:
  2. lol, I thought it was going to erupt again! Have a great time and please post pics!!
  3. Have a great time! It's a very interesting place.
  4. I have some pics to post but am having trouble with my card reader! Will get them up as soon as I can. That place is sooo fascinating!
  5. Here are some pics.

    For reference, this is what it looked like BEFORE:


    Now: (clouded in during the AM)


    Clear in the PM:


    You can see where the mud flowed down into the Toutle river beneath the mountain. It's really hard to appreciate how massive this event was from photos though.
  6. Must have been fascinating to be there Roo, gorgeous place I can imagine. Video was really interesting, thanks for posting!