Mouche sizing b/c just pre-ordered the Ambrosina in Red!

  1. Can you ladies that have the mouche please inform me on the sizing? I thought they ran large, but I have never tried them on in person. Do they run just like the very prive? I just pre-ordered the Ambrosina in red so I just want to make sure I get the right size. If anybody is interested, I know CL Horatio already has them in that gray shade. They got them in last week. TIA!
    CL Red Ambrosina.jpg
  2. I think that they run pretty true to size which is interesting considering that it is a very similar last to the Very Prive. I think that it is due to the delicate fabric allowing for more 'give'. I love that shoe, can't wait to see it IRL.
  3. I got mine 1/2 size up however I think TTS would have worked as well. The shoe is indeed very forgiving.
  4. They are quite lovely :yes:
  5. Thanks ladies. I spoke with the CL boutique and they agreed that my simple pump size was what I should go with. The CL boutique in Beverly Hills has them in black right now if anybody is interested. He also put built in heel grips in this style so it's a big hit. Many ladies are raving about how great they are.
  6. I wear a 42 in the Mouche like I am in most CLs and am a US 11. I am a 42 in the Numero Prive also. I had to stretch the toe box on the Mouche some as I found them too snug in the toe. I'm ordering the red also!