Motty Grey Faye wear and tear?


Oct 31, 2016
I purchased the motty grey Faye but I'm having second thoughts about the light color and upkeep. I love the color but I'm afraid of it looking worn out even though I'm careful with my bags.

How is your motty grey Faye holding up? (Color transfer, scratches, wear and tear, etc). How delicate is it? TIA!


Feb 28, 2015
I also just bought the medium Faye in motty grey and it is definitely hard to keep pristine! I only wore it out a few times and the suede flap has already darkened somewhat (not sure whether from color transfer from my clothes or just being out and about). I tried cleaning it with some suede foam but it didn't help at all (might have made it worse...) But I love the color very much and the bag works really well with some outfits so I'm just going to bear with it and learn to look at the wear-and-tear as signs of a well-loved bag. [emoji51]