Motorola V3i by Dolce & Gabanna - GOLD!!!

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  1. ok, this is probably old news.... but i just got one! :wlae: as soon as i saw the glint of its golden aluminium casing i was sold. loving the special D&G ringtones and screensavers too. i think it's the sexiest looking designer-collaborated phone out so far. anybody else got one?

    more info here:

  2. wow, so pretty... if u don't mind, how much was it? thanks
  3. i paid AU$880 here in Australia. it's not the more expensive limited editon version that was released late last year. besides the pricetag, the only difference is that this one is gold & silver not gold & black. ;)
  4. Nice:yes: :supacool:
  5. the phone looks sleek, nice!
  6. Very droolworthy, but for that price I would rather stick with my hot pink Razr and buy a bag instead. Plus I'm paranoid enough about scratching my cell now, if I had that one I'd probably want to put it in protective casing or something, lol.
  7. OMG I love sexy!
  8. very nice!
  9. Cute
  10. That's really hot ... I love the gold! I thought about that one , but I just adore the pink so much , it makes me feel so girly:love:
  11. So sexy....I should show it to DH..may be get this phone instead of the bag??:crybaby: Thanks for sharing
  12. Gosh its lovely.
    My lovely 10 year old daughter got creative with my pink Rzr

    but the gold looks so sleek and smooth :smile:
  13. I love the gold razr! I wish there were more options like that so that we can show a bit more creativity with our phones. We all use them so often, that I like to be a bit different. I used to really like the different colored cases on the Nokia, but as phones get more complicated in design, this is harder to do. My favorite was a powder blue case; still not flashy, but more me than plain black or greay.
  14. I love the dolce&gabbanna razr! However, it's impossible to get hans on one here where I live, and I don't feel like travelling just to get a phone (LV's on the other hand...), so I got the pink razr instead, and I love it!
  15. i thought about the gold razr, but i got the new sidekick instead!! I txt all the time, so its perfect for me!

    but the gold one is so cool!
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