motorcycle vs city?

  1. What is the difference between the motorcycle bag and the city bag?
    Are they both the same thing?:confused1:
  2. Yeah it's the same bag, motorcycle is the style (the famous tassels) city is a shape, I hope I explained it ok.
  3. motorcycle is the line.
    and city is the one of the style/shape that is in the line.

    hope that helps :p
  4. Twiggy is more for casual wear like jeans and jogging pants not for office wear.

    City is versatile.
  5. Yeah knn I never thought about that but your right the twiggy is more casual.
  6. yeah, after thought i also think that twiggy is more casual :yes: but somehow it seems more "lady" to me too.
    the city is more "rockin" :p KWIM