Motorcycle jackets

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  1. Are these jackets still in style? I have one I purchased a few years back but never wear anymore. I was in the balenciaga thread and noticed a few pics in which some were wearing balenciaga motorcycle jackets.
  2. They have been around for a looong time; I think they are always in style.
  3. Agree with chessmont: they're a really classic jacket, will probably always be a wardrobe staple -- especially motorcycle-style leather jackets. I still wear motorcycle jackets that I purchased years ago! :yes:.
  4. motorcycle jackets have always been a classic. what is deemed trendy is how to wear them!
  5. ^ I agree!

    I have 2 and I really like them...
  6. They might go away for awhile, but they always come back. JahpsonLoveYou is right. Only the application changes.