Motorcycle jacket...still popular? Mackage Kenya

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Which one should I get?

  1. *

    Get a motocycle jacket and get Mackage Kenya in Black

    37 vote(s)
  2. Get a motocycle jacket and get Mackage Kenya in other color

    7 vote(s)
  3. Get Mackage Cataline

    2 vote(s)
  4. *

    Don't get any...

    4 vote(s)
Multiple votes are allowed.
  1. Is Motocycle style jacket still popular for spring? Do you think it's too tough looking? Is black motocycle leather jacket too much? Do you wear a motocycle jacket zipped up or unzipped? Is it a classic piece to own in the wardrobe? I don't know if I have anything in my wardrobe to go with it. Can you wear skinny jeans..slouchy boots, or even a scarf with it? I have my eyes on Mackage Kenya ...or should I forget about motocycle style jacket and get Mackage Cataline which is a more classic style? Which style do you like better & more flattering & why? I have a Mackage Nev jacket & am currently looking for a short leather jacket. Thanks in advance.
    OR Mackage Cataline

  2. I personally prefer the Kenya one, I find motorcycle jackets spice up outfits a little more. Also, I find that sometimes my neck tends to get lost in leather jackets in styles like the Cataline
  3. i always wear my leather jackets zipped, which i would recommend also for the kenya style. most asymmetric zip jackets look better zipped up. also, you can absolutely wear a motorcycle jacket with skinny jeans! piggy just did so last week!


    see? not too bizarre right? (^(oo)^)v
  4. Wow, Piggy, you look FANTASTIC!!!! May I ask what brand your leather jacket is? It looks so nice on you! I love the silver chic.
  5. thank you darling!~ it's actually from ted baker - very reasonably priced! it's kind of cool too b/c there's actually another zipper on the edge of the inside flap which you can use to zip the jacket into more of an a-line shape with an asymmetric hem

    PS - i love S.W.O.R.D. leather jackets as well - softest.leather.ever! i can actually fold one up and fit it into my summer tote bags, for those unexpectedly chilly san francisco days! (^(oo)^)v
  6. i voted for the kenya because even after lusting for a style similiar to the more classic catalina for SEVERAL years (mackage elie, exclusive to aritzia), i'm finding myself more and more drawn to the motorcycle design..
    and like mizz852 mentioned, NOT a fan of looking neckless!

    QUESTION : sorry to hijack the thread a lil bit, but do u think for a chesty girl with broad shoulders and no hips, would the motorcycle style (heavy collar/flaps in the chest) make me too chest/top heavy? would really appreciate some opinions on this.. :flowers:
  7. I voted for the Kenya. Since you already have the Nev, the Cataline may be too similar!
  8. Definitely the Kenya! Looks fab with skinny jeans!
    I have my Dad's motorcycle jacket from 45+ years ago!! It's well broken in and a heavy leather you can't find anymore. It's a treasure!!
  9. I think you can definitely pull it off, as long as there arent shoulder pads, and as long as its a longer style (the cropped styles will only further accentuate top heaviness)
  10. I have the Kenya and love it!!!!! I have 2 mackages and I deffinatly wear this one more. I think that biker jackets are actually more classic because they can be worn with anything, jeans, skirts, maxi dresses ect.. Biker will never go out of style it is just really big now and you will get so much use out of it for years.
  11. Motorcycle jackets are classic.
  12. Get it!!! I just bought the Mackage Kenya in Petrol and it's my absolute fav.
    It is also buttery soft too!

  13. black moto is classic! i prefer to wear mine unzipped.
  14. I have the Kenya, and I love it. It doesn't look like a "tough" moto jacket--the nice leather and the cut of the jacket soften it. I think it's the perfect motorcycle jacket--light weight enough to be versatile, and you can wear it with anything.
  15. nekonat:: Thanks for the modeling picture! The Kenya looks very nice on you. I just bought the grey color too, but still debating if I should get a black one instead. :P am so undecisive.

    KENYA jacket owner:
    Did the jacket stretch out a lot? (I am not sure if I should buy a small (fit just right) or XS (fit tighter). Lastly, does the jacket have a very strong leather smell that smell like fish? I bought mine at and the leather smell is so strong. My husband walks into the room & wondering why the room smells like fish. LOL I have the jacket for 5 days now & try to air it out, but it's not working...LOL

    Also, whoever has the kenya jacket, please post pictures!! I would love to see how the jacket fit on you. Are you planning to wear the jacket zipped up or unzipped? Thanks in advance!