Motorcycle/City bags - which color? I'm soo lost! :p

  1. Hi all!

    I really hope you might be able me as I need your help soo badly! :sweatdrop: It's been months since I wanted to buy a B-Bag, but I have major problem with the colour! I have received the Aloa Rag list, but they do not seem to have all the colour panel for thoss amazing bags.

    So, could you please let me know whether there is a website where I could find, maybe not all, but most of the colours for the B-Bag?

    Meanwhile, I'll keep looking in the "pics of your B-Bag" thread, which is already a great database!

    Thanks sooo much!! :yes:
  2. Here are all the colors that Balenciaga has ever released ... keep in mind that the only colors readily available are this season's and maybe a few of those from last season ... Balenciagas colors are all "limited edition" except for Black & White: