Motor Twitch/Tick & Botox

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  1. Anyone have one in their face? I'm 24 and have had it since elementary school. It began with "hard blinking" and often. Not its more like a nerve jump under my eye most of the time, but some times I "need" to have my whole face involved. Its hard to describe.

    I have a consult next week for medical botox that would apparently "fix" it for a year or so. Does anyone have experience with this? I'm looking forward to possibly having the symptoms eliminated for a short period of time. Its always bothered me, but more so now that I'm older.
  2. What you're describing sounds like some form or degree of blepharospasm. You're probably heading in the right direction with botox as your treatment. If that's what it is, other treatments like medication are rarely effective and tend to be heavy on the side effects.

    If your MD ends up recommending this, make sure they have a good bit of experience with it and if you have any doubts, I'd ask around for referrals before committing - especially in the areas around the eyes. Good luck!
  3. Thanks for your comments. The dr. I have the consult with is an eye doctor who was referred to me by my own eye dr. I hope to have a good report tomorrow!