moto jacket ?

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  1. I don't usually post here as I'm mostly on the jewelry and LV subforums! Today I purchased a black Michael Kors moto jacket from Nordstrom Rack. The compare at price was $395 and I got it for $169. Is that a good deal? Are moto jackets still in style or is the trend over? I do not know how to transfer link here. Perhaps someone else can do it for me. But the same jacket I purchased is on the Bluefly site in brown for $267 I think.
  2. They are most definitely stilll in and will be for a while to come. I love them!!!
  3. Just looked at Bluefly again. They only have one left. It is brown in size small. I bought black in size medium for $169. I'm just a little unsure.
  4. I just took a look...It is GREAT looking!! Don't think about it anymore, clip the tags, and put it ON. It has beautiful styling and yet classic enough that it will go with just about anything. ENJOY!:tup:
  5. worn with proper attitude to match, moto jackets never go out of style

    one of mine is nearing the 10-year mark, and i *still* wear it tons! (^(oo)^)v
  6. That is an awesome jacket. I agree with dramakitten, clip the tags and put that baby on!
  7. ahertz - Yes, thank you! That is the one. I will clip the tags and wear tomorrow.
  8. show us the modelling pic!!lol