Moto Jacket - is it insane to buy if you can never wear it zipped?

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  1. Dear everyone,

    I decided some time ago that I would love a black moto jacket. I am not exactly skinny so I tried a size 42. The fit is perfect on the shoulders - in fact two people said that I could go a size down. It also looks great from behind. However there is no way that I could ever wear it zipped. I mean from the chest area there is a gap of 5 inches. Of course it reaches closer at the bottom but still impossible.

    Ahh! They said that they could try to get a 44 but it would be difficult. At the store here were people from Bal Paris and they said you are meant to buy it to fit the shoulders. It is not really intended to be worn closed. Ok, I get that, but it is a new one on me to buy a jacket that would not have the option to be worn closed if I needed to. They said that I would get used to it. I do really love it and I could ignore the voice in my head that says it's ridiculous to buy a jacket that cannot be zipped up. I ignore my rational voice a lot when it comes to buying expensive things and I don't know if this time I should listen!!
    What do you honestly think?
    Btw given the weather here it is unlikely that I would need to wear it closed but I just imagine one the odd occasion what if I feel I am a bit cold and I am standing there freezing? My husband (who is so not into fashoin) would be like 'do up your jacket if you are cold' and I would say 'I can't, it's too small!!!'. He would have a field day with me for buying a jacket in the wrong size!!

    I forgot to add that the people from Bal Paris said that size 44 would be too big on my shoulders and it still wouldn't do up and I wouldn't have the fit at the back. How much stretch do these jackets have in them?

    Buy it and wear scarfs and just get over it or walk away?

    Thank you!!

    Forever broke x
  2. I'd recommend you post this question on the Moto Jacket thread- it's a topic that's been much discussed so you're sure to get a good response on there : )
  3. Hi - I am not fortunate to have a Bal moto jacket (I wish I did!) - but I think if I did I would want it to do up?
    I suppose it looks cool undone but aren't they quite a thick leather jacket so they would be worn on a really cold day and therefore you may be cold with it undone?
    I think your main concern will be whether it actually looks too small for you?
    I'm not much help am I?
    I'm sure someone with one can be more useful!
  4. oh hi - posting at same time - knew someone would be more helpful!
  5. Thanks a lot!!

    Btw, meregirl - you know it felt very comfortable on my arms, shoulders and back. It is a soft jacket so that would help. I didn't think it looked small because the fit was great on the shoulders. Am so confused. I hope that someone will help advise me!

  6. It's a big investment. While I am aware that many of the gals in the jacket thread insist it is meant to be worn unzipped (like an accessory versus outerwear), I think having the option to zip would be more practical. I don't think it's the type of jacket that's meant to zip all the way up though because it can create a sausage effect, even if the overall fit is great.
  7. I have had many jackets I couldn't zip :P I used to be normal-slim with big boobs, so either I had to get a big jacket that didn't look good on, or I could get one that looked good but couldn't be zipped..
  8. I bought a 44 (I'm not skinny either haha). I love the fit but I can't zip it. I have big boobs so if I did zip it I would look squished anyway LOL. I think it will look great unzipped with a scarf.
  9. Do u normallt zip ur jacket? Do u like the look of it zip or unzip? I dont like zipping my jacket so thats not what I would worry if I have to size up or down.
  10. I have this problem a lot - big boobs, small waist. In fact I tried on this jacket in Bal Athens and it fit perfectly everywhere except I could not zip it up. I didn't intend on buying it, just wanted to try it. I did find it gorgeous though so I asked my SO what he thought, telling him that in fact it wasn't meant to be closed. His answer: it's an odd jacked then ;) I think he is right.
    That said, I don't like closing my jackets/coats and only do so in winter when I really have to so of course you could buy a jacket that doesn't close. Or maybe you just need to find another leather jacket, perhaps one that does not have an azymetrical front zip - I think that's what makes it worse.

    Btw, when excactly would you wear a leather jacket? You're in Greece ;)
  11. HHHHmmmmmmm...... I think it would look really cool with layered scarves....but, I'm kind of a purist and would want my jacket to zip could def do the scarf effect if you really wanted to keep the jacket, cashmere scarves would keep you warm...... and you could throw them in a big bal bag when not needed....:idea:
  12. This is a great jacket! I got it in black. I am pretty skinny (5'7" - 120 lbs, with wide-ish shoulders) and I bought the size 42. I really wanted the bigger size jacket in this one. I usually wear a size 6. The salesperson at BG wanted me to buy the 40, but I felt it was too tight in the shoulders. I've only worn mine a couple of times,unzipped, (bought in April so it was already past jacket weather here) Luckily when it gets cold this late fall/winter, I can zip it. Maybe the solution would be a heavy scarf around your neck and front if you have to leave it unzipped.:biggrin:
  13. I really only zip my winter coat when it's freezing, and I wouldn't wear a leather jacket in that weather.
  14. I think it really depends on how cold it gets where you live. I live in New England and I have two jackets. One 40 and one 42. I can zip both of them but the 42 is big enough that I can wear it over a sweater. Since I live in a very cold climate a jacket that wouldn't zip would only be good for about two months in the Spring and one or two months in the Fall. I could never wear it in the winter (which here goes from about Nov. thruough April). So again, if you are in a climate that isn't cold, or is rarely cold, zippings shouldn't matter, but if it is very cold, then you won't be able to wear the jacket much if you can't zip it up.
  15. No matter how much I love a leather jacket, I personally would never buy a Bal leather jacket - or any leather jacket, that can't zip up.

    I know everyone says they are meant to be worn open and look better that way, but my thinking is, "what is the point of wearing something that does not fulfill all the functions I've paid for?" To me, that is like spending money on a Bal City where the little front zipper compartment never closes, or we can never zip-up the main compartment. Sure, we may not always zip these compartments up, but since I'm paying money for those option to be available to me, I would like that option available to me at any time:smile:

    I'm as flat as an ironing board, and once purchased a gorgeous lamb-skin leather cognac jacket that fits everywhere but cannot zip up (you can imagine how small that jacket must have been).

    I almost never wear any of my leather jackets zipped-up, but when I landed in New Zealand (it was meant to be summer, but they had an unexpected, intensely cold spate that year) no amount of scarves could keep me as warm as if I'd been able to zip that jacket up. Plus, my scarves just got in the way when we were in areas that were really windy (there was some unexpected, wild weather that year).

    I've since sold that gorgeous, un-zippable leather jacket to someone else who also loves it so much she doesn't care that she cannot zip it up either - despite my telling her I don't love it for the sole reason that I cannot zip it up.

    If it is me, I'd think wait for another jacket that can zip up. Or, get a bigger jacket that WILL zip up, and which can - at considerable expense, be altered in the shoulders and arms to fit you in those bigger places.

    The third option if you have a lot of trouble finding a leather jacket that you adore is, find a professional leather tailor. I don't know where you are, but in Perth, we have the family-run leather establishment - Sinnika Leather. Sinnika Leather makes jackets for some of the big designers, who then put their own labels on the Sinnika-made jackets. If you can find an establishment like that, they may be able to make you something that you really love - it will possibly be 15% more than buying it off the rack - or it may not, and it will fit you perfectly everywhere. I got Sinnika Leathers to make me a bag (not a Bal, though - just a simple messenger bag:smile: in the leather and colour of my choice) and was very happy with the result.

    I hope you find the leather jacket of your dreams!!!