motives of s/a's...

  1. hi everyone, i was just wondering what you guys think happens behind customers backs.. for example, if you call a department store to be waitlisted for an item, is it possible for an s/a to sell your item to another person? like, one of their more preferred customers? i just want to know if i need to constantly call back as different people to inquire the availability of an item i'm waitlisted for, because i've heard several incidences where people's purses were sold to another person. any thoughts? thanks for listening to my random thoughts.
  2. Oooo, good question! I know that SA's are loyal to certain customers and even reserve bags for customers when they are on sale.
  3. I suppose if you're on good terms with the SA, he or she will of cos reserve bags according to a first come first basis. If given you're a loyal customer who spends way a whole load than the others at the boutique on a monthly basis, it is also understandable of a store to give priority to a VIP. If I were the VIP, I would love to be treated differently too.
  4. I know that a lot of TPFers have their own SAs. I never had one. I don't even know how you get one. Is it b/c you just build a relationship w/ them over time and you keep buying from the same place on a monthly basis? What are their incentives for being loyal to you? Do they get commission? I'm just curious. I read on a lot threads of how members have their own SA and how they trust him/her and how helpful they are. Would be nice to have one :smile:
  5. SAs at NM and Saks definitely get commissions. Go, buy a bag, get the SAs card. Chat with her about the stuff you like. Stop and say hi when you are just window shopping and chat about what's coming in etc. Always ask for them if you are buying -- or call ahead and say you are coming in to get something. They are happy to help serious buyers and love to develop a loyal customer.