Motivation to lose weight

  1. I'll be honest, I could do with losing probably a couple of stone but I just don't seem to have the urge to do it.

    Is there any one thing that you think about to stop yourself from eating that packet of crisps, or a piece of cake etc? I know probably not buying them in the first place is a good idea but my BF is a terrible shopper and buys whatever is on offer, usually bad food!

    Lots of my clothes don't fit me anymore and I'm fed up of being overweight, but I can't stop myself from having a takeaway etc...... does anyone have any inspiration for me? :crybaby:
  2. stock up on bottle water.
    whenever i feel snackish, i drink a bottle of water.
    try not to eat junk food/ dessert after 6pm too.
  3. Definitely agree about drinking water.

    I also chew sugarless gum whenever I get the urge to snack. Drinking something hot (like tea) also fills me up.
  4. I agree with the water as well. Also, stock up on healthy snacks if you get the urge to snack. Nuts, almonds are good for you, fruit and veggies, proteins-string cheese, the 100 cal. snacks are good but I don't know if you want to eat anything processed. Good luck.
  5. ^^^^ Good advice. Yes, water is def the key. I know there is sometimes I drink SO much water, I have a sickening feeling. I try to stay away from the 100 calorie snacks because I have NO self control and end up eating a couple of packs. So i've learned just not to buy them. Fruits, Vegs, Nuts, etc. Try not to eat too much carbs at dinner time.
  6. My motivation is working out at the gym and checking out all the cute hotties at the gym! Especially some of the trainers! Of course I have to practice portion control. It's all in the head sometimes.

    Don't get me wrong, I'm married and fabulously happy, but it's nice to get "eye candy" at the gym - helps me get my lazy butt to the gym in the first place.

    My hubbie comes home and asks if I've made a new crush at the gym yet. So cute! We have a great relationship.
  7. Overeating generates endorphins which makes us feel darn good.

    One trick is to induce endorphin generation in other ways.

    Two healthy ways:
    1. Spending time in a jacuzzi / hot tub.
    2. Aerobic exercise for at least 35 minutes. (Less doesn't seem to do the trick.)
  8. this may sound a bit crazy or weird... but whenever I have a craving for something really greasy I just get a mental picture of fat just swimming around lol. Just how fat looks when people are getting a liposuction, I picture that lying around the food and me eating it.. and the fat just going down my stomach. So that usually does the job of making me avoid fastfood and such.

    I know working out is hard especially when youa rent used to it.. so I like to take classes at my gym that really gets me into it and then after a while it becomes a habit... its like something you do withotu thinking about it after some time.

    but yeah think about the calories. do a count of how much calories you would be taking in....

    a Krispy kreme donut has about 500 calories in 1 donut.. cheesecake factory cheesecakes have about the same in 1 slice. and most of those are calories to fat.
  9. My motivation to lose weight is to look better in clothes. I'm alright with my size i just can do without some of the wobbly bits.

    And i hatehatehate oily food! I have my sweettooth moments though.
  10. i've lost about 40 pounds in the last year and a half, and my motivation was that i LOVE clothes, i'm at a great time in my life to wear whatever i want and experiment and be trendy, but i wasn't allowing myself the chance because of my body and habits. so, i lost the weight. i'd like to lose more, but if i didn't, i wouldn't be upset.

    the key, for me, is surrounding yourself with good options. don't carry cash if you use it to buy takeout. don't buy junk food at the store, all you'll do is eat it. buy healthy things, pack your lunch for work, don't give yourself an opportunity to be bad.
  11. I replace unhealthy snacks for healthy food with a similar taste.

    For example if I am craving salty stuff, I will have nunts. If I am craving a burguer (i.e. fat), I will have an avocado... etc etc etc. Also flavored water seems to work.
  12. Yes we want to be healthy. Yes, self esteem is important. These are all natural motivators. But you know what? I need material motivation! In our office some of the girls decided to go on a diet. We promised each other that we wouldn't buy something we loved until we reached our goal weight. For 1 girl it was 2 pair of designer shoes. For another it was a shopping spree. For me, it was a new purse.

    So I'm on a purse ban until I lose the weight I want to. Since I love purses you know its a great motivation for me!
  13. Actually being single is quite a good motivation and sounds like it could be perfect for you ;)
  14. My motivation is to look and feel my very best throughout my life. I never want to just let myself go. I want to be healthy for myself and my family---my boys and my husband. I want a long life with them. I do not aim to be a size 0. I just like to be healthy and work with the body I have. I have curves and I LOVE THEM! My healthy size and body is a size 8 through 10. I've never been above those sizes and my motivation is to not ever be above those sizes OR below them---only because it doesn't work for me and not because I have anything against those upper or lower sizes. Size 8-10 is perfection on my body.

    I turned 38 in March and most people gasp when I tell them my age. They guess I'm 10 years or more younger. That's a good thing I I certainly don't mind. Part of it is genetic but most of it is just taking good care of me and always wanting to be my best. I also love clothes and I like looking good in and out of my clothes.
    I workout 6 days a week---I do Leslie Sansones workouts religiously or treadmill and Total Gym. I just get up and do it because it just makes me feel good. That's my real motivation!
    Good luck to you!
  15. I totally know how you feel. I have been gaining some weight since I moved away from home, and had to quit my job to do so, and now I don't have all that much to do during the day but snack. Like someone else said, drink something warm like tea--I love tea, and I just put splenda in it so I don't add any calories.

    But for me, the problem is the horrible cravings for sweets!!! My SO and I have agreed to start eating more healthy, because it is really upsetting me to not look as good as I used to. I'm still not fat, but I am not happy with the size I am now. I am getting married in 3 months, and I NEED to fit into that dress. So I really need to get moving and lose this weight.

    Good luck with your weight loss!!! My goal is to lose 10lbs. What is your goal? Maybe we can keep in touch and up date each other on our progress? That could be motivational too!