Motivation to buy due to the price increase?

  1. So Chanel lovers are you feeling the need to buy before the price hike? I am!
    Geeze, I thought I was done with the purchase of my Luxe Bowler!:rolleyes:
    I am thinking I would really like a Chanel wallet but I need a large black tote.
    SO am I alone or is anyone else taking the plunge and if so what are you planning to buy?
  2. i am so broke but I am thinking about buying a caviar flap...if they have one in a hot pink color b4 the price increase that would be PERFECTO!!!

    but I am not too into the available colors now....but i plan to go to the boutique tomorrow to check out some bags....
  3. bellabags- you are so not alone! I just got back from Saks, i got an email today inform me it's EGC today(if you spend XXX, you get XX back deal) intention was only to get my 1st Chanel-Med. Classic Flap in black lambskin & gold hardware(i am very old fashioned in jewls-Gold for special occasions only, lol) before the price increase, but gosh i've been bad and get anther one, which i will post pix later. But i did saved a great deal since i opened a SAK's CC, so it's 10% off, saved from price increase, plus EGC $'s almost 1k!
  4. classic chic, that's really good!!

    i miss the EGC as i got stuck at work for 10 hours.....and i am so broke anyway it will be dangerous for me to be w/in a 10 feet radius from the chanel counter. BUT i still want to go check out tomorrow as I will be off!
  5. i wish i could get a black caviar jumbo flap with silver hardware before the price increase, but my bf made me promise that i wouldn't buy any more bags for six months after i got my baby cabas. :sad:
  6. think i saw a grey one on eBay w/silver hardware and a black w/gold....but stick w/ur ban!
  7. I definitely have the itch to buy another one and I bought 3 reissues (dark white, black patent, dark silver) in one month. On top of that, the spring trunk show at my NM is next week. I feel like I need some type of classic bag, but it's not like a really need one.
  8. Yes, the price increase, the Saks EGC event, my addiction to Chanel all have caused me to buy 2 bags & wallet this week.
    Classic Chic, isn't it great to get a discount on Chanel (esp knowing it will go UP in price in a few weeks?)
  9. Not for me. I haven't seen anything I simply 'had to have' (aside from the Reissue, but that's another story, I wish I could find a black one... ) so I don't want to buy something, just to save some money. I don't want to be impulsive and regret it later.

    Actually, I'm really excited with the new spring bags and will wait and get something then.
  10. dare i say it - I am going to buy the fakes in ChinaTown

    ....JUST KIDDING!!!!!!!
  11. Yes ...thats why I bought so many bags this week..Price increase plus the EGC made it too easy for me to go alittle crazy...BUT if you don't pay it off within a month then it would be foolish...Interest rates on Saks CC is something like 23 or 26% so the money you saved would be going to the interest.KWIM??? I usually don't like to have more then 1 bag on a CC at one time..this month I have 4 ..but THANK god I just got my saks bill MONDAY so I have at least 7 weeks before the next bill is due...
  12. Saks interest is crazy, as is NM. Nordstrom, however, just took my rate all the way down to 8.25% (prime plus 0) for being a premier customer. I love Nordstrom bank!!
  13. 8.25% these days for a store CC is not bad at all. I like to use the saks card for my points and stuff but I try to pay it off within a month or two..if not then its not worth buying something on sale :shrugs: I always have a BACK up card with 0% interest JUST IN CASE I HAVE to transfer;) (if I can't pay it off within the 2 months)
  14. Is it 2.07 expected date for increase?
  15. 255medina-no kidding, i think the interest rate is at the highest law allow??
    Tax return $ will go straight to pay off these babies......and, a few other....piece....s....*shirnking*
    But the Classic Flap is one of those thing i will get sooner or later, so why wait for the price increase? sigh, just have to be very careful w/$, and don't click any post w/pix on it lol.