Motivate me not to spend money on Chanel and Save it Thread

  1. When it ocmes to not spending my money on Chanel I will need motivation! Extreme motivation! I want to try and save for a house deposit...and thats goign to take me a while. In the meantime I'm spending all my money on fashion designer items liek Chanel but it seems more immediate then saving for a house deposit. I always think I'l save more later....but that never comes and I spend it on something else!

    Maybe we can help motivate each other to save :biggrin:

    So how do you fight back the urge to get that must have chanel bag?
  2. I think you may have come to the wrong place / people for that! :devil:
    I'm not a big saver.
    On a serious note, I can't pass up a bag when I really want it, so I just clean stuff out and start Ebaying to raise funds. :smile:
  3. I'm not a big saver either but realize even a little savings is important.

    Here's what I do. Earlier this year I relocated to AZ to live with and care for my elderly parents who are having health issues. I work a p/t time job and luckily all of my income is disposable. I asked my Mom for a bunch of deposit slips for her checking account and every week I deposit a set amount into it so I'm not tempted to spend my whole paycheck. Because my name is not on my parent's account I can't withdraw it.

    If you have someone you trust to help you save that would be an idea to try.
  4. ^great idea.
  5. "shallow obssessing strongly encouraged!"
  6. That's a great way to curb yr spending.well done..

    I'm a saver...but I do spend on things I wish to have..still will cut back (even thgh I can afford it)..maybe I'm feeling "guilty"...sigh...
  7. OMG, I'm in the exact same position as you. I need to be saving for my wedding, the honeymoon, the house we'll soon-after want to buy... I don't even wanna think about kids (I heard those are expensive!).

    And yet some hot bag comes around, usually via TPF, and I cave. I've already curbed spending in other areas (going out, drinking, makeup, clothes...), but a single Chanel bag can make a pretty big dent regardless. I'd previously decided to limit myself to one bag a season - now I think I'm gonna do two bags a year - eventually moving to one.

    Ultimately, it pays to be picky - do really NEED every bag I like? Especially with the price increases? One special bag a year is enough for me.
  8. I not a great saver either but I am getting better. It's so hard to save. I automatically have money from my checking transferred into my saving account each week. I also take $20 cash out of my weekly money and put it in my vacation fund. It's not much but it is something.
    I also take lunch from home now, it's amazing how much you save by doing that. The money I save, I put into my vacation fund.
  9. OMG chako, thanks for starting this! i've started saving up and dumping money in a high interest savings account. so i have as little balance as possible in my checking. i need to save up for a sportscar (haha no house yet but am not ready for the responsibility yet)

    how to fight the urge? i just think about the sportscar and how that Chanel bag i've been wanting is xx% percent of the price of the car... i make a HUGE effort to try and think about the things that matter more than a mere handbag like a nice car and a high rise condo... things that show financial stability.

    also being MORE picky about the bags I choose certainly help stop the urges.. I tend not to jump on the bandwagon with trendy bags like the oversized bags trend, the fringe trend, etc... so i stick to classics with a twist of trend like patent classic flaps or my diamond shine. i looove patent shoes though :smile:
  10. I'm not great at saving. However, this month I just got my Visa...and was thrilled. Without thinking about it...I paid more than I charged. That has got me motivated. Here's what I make my daughter do...maybe it can help you...Open a savings account. Add something, anything, to it every month. It's harder to withdraw money from a savings account. If you bank w/ Bank of America, sign up for keep the change. They round up your depit purchases, and add them to your savings account. You don't feel that, and it adds several dollars a month, painlessly. Good luck. I know that you can do this.
  11. I'm no help at all since I have the same problem. As soon as the dust settles on one new bag, I'm off in search of the next one! I'm "supposed" to be getting a nice chunk of change from my disability policy for the two months I was out of work this past fall/winter with back surgery. I'm ALREADY finding ways to spend it and I don't even have the money yet. And if those crooks have THEIR way I'll never have it. (long boring story not for this thread!).:cursing:

    I do sell bags on eBay that I'm not using, but I can't seem to cut loose of the ones that would bring me enough for a NEW Chanel. Ah the curse of being a Bag Addict. :crybaby:
  12. Automatic deposits are helpful. If you don't see the money, you can't spend it so readily. If you have savings accts with several thousand in it, look into higher interest yielding vehicles. If you are working and have the option of getting into a 401K, do it. Self employed, open a SEP. As for purses, ask yourself how many do I really need; where am I carrying it. I've been into Chanel for a long time and I have four and a white caviar is on its way. It's my summer bag. Other than a handbag museum, is more really better? (God, this hurts!!)
  13. jmen is right. You can only carry one at a time. I have so many bags in my closet right now...that at the time I thought that I had to have.