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  1. Excerpt from an article I just recieved:

    To meet demand, fashion houses are aggressively opening shops again after a long hiatus. Louis Vuitton recently inaugurated a new boutique in Budapest, while Valentino and Ferragamo signed leases in India. French fashion house Hermes International is expanding its flagship Paris boutique so it will take up half a block.

    I bet I'm not the only one here thrilled to hear this! Group excursion to Paris, anyone??
  2. I'd love to go, but who do I need to kiss up to in order to get a sealed fuchsia ostrich H bag?
  3. ask Specialistparis!
  4. WHAAAT? WHEN IS THIS HAPPENING? :drool: ...Sorry for the shouting, I'm a bit excited. Half a block of Hermes??? Sheesh! Imagine how much the real estate is worth in Fauborg St Honore for them to do that. :wtf:

    Any chance of a group tour in 2008 or is that too long for everyone? :jammin:
  5. Was that from the WSJ? I read that too, GF! Did you also read about the 300 craftsmen, etc? A very informative article...I was surprised at the amount of work that goes into the Reade tote! (LV)
  6. Hey count me in....if you stop in Sydney on your way, we can fly together!!

    BTW....Serenity Sue & I are meeting up for a Hermes-a-thon when I come down for Spring Racing Carnival......want to join in???????
  7. yep (WSJ) I can't find the bloody article again......DH found it for me (he reads the WSJ.....!)
  8. GF - How about you organise an Oz chapter meeting sometime in '07?

    I'd fly in (only 8 hours and could definitely do with more flying to keep my airline frequent flier status), and SerenitySue and I were tempting SoCal to do so on a RTW trip.....

    You guys seem to have incredible merchandise in store (croc bags?? I can't believe it) althought the prices in Oz seem pretty stratospheric.
  9. Oh thats great news!!
  10. yeah the prices are crazy, but I reckon we should still do bet is we all meet up at the Gold Coast - two stores (one is the size of a closet, but seems to always have an exotic bag or two), and they usually carry the best stock.......

    tell me when, I'm a FABULOUS event organiser, if I do say so myself! LOL!
  11. It would be quite fun.
  12. Wow, half a block of Hermes! I bet you girls would go crazy!
  13. A half a block! I don't think I'd ever be able to leave!
  14. they also hired 300 more craftsmen to speed up production, per the wall st. journal today.
    LV is switching to assembly-style production - hopefully hermes will not follow suit.
  15. a half block!!!