Mothers With Daughters: How Adorable Is This ?

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    Heidi and daughter Leni enjoyed a day of shoe-shopping on Rodeo Drive recently. Heidi is a cute baby-making machine.

  2. How cute!!! love that leopard shoes..
  3. Oh how cute is the pic of Leni with her foot in the red shoe? LOL
  4. They're soo cute. I have a question, how can she looks this good after having three kids?! I've had one and I'm still doing my best to get back into shape. That's so unfair.
  5. This is my definitely favorite couple: Courteney Cox and her extra-cute daughter Coco. Here they are in a bar at Porto Cervo village, during their vacacion in Sardinia, in June 2006.
    Cece&Coco.jpg Courteney.jpg Courteney&Coco.jpg
  6. leni is so looks so adorable :tender:
  7. Cute babies! That little Coco is just adorable. She has such a pretty color to her skin. Looks like she was born with a tan! LOL!
  8. Awww how precious :love:
  9. Thank you for the pics Karo, there adorable. :heart:
  10. David Kirsch is her trainer. He has this book the New York Diet and it is the most brutal 2 week boot camp ( 1.5 hours working out daily, and restricted diet no alcohol, bread, carbs, dairy, extra fats, fructose/sugar). You'll lose weight fast, but its hard to keep the mainenance diet up.

    Ms. Klum does look wonderful and her daughter is so cute. It looks like she got her face painted, how whimsical :smile:
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  12. Kate Beckinsale and daughter Lily
  13. leni is so cute :biggrin:
  14. [​IMG]Actress Julianne Moore was spotted out in NYC window shopping with daughter, Liv Helen, 4.
  15. Reese Witherspoon and daughter Ava