Mothers - Do you use your designer bags every day?

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  1. I have just purchased my first designer bag (a vintage Chanel), and I'm of the mindset that it is to be enjoyed. But I have a 1 year old and a 3 year old and well I'm scared of the wear and tear its going to get - you know little sticky finger marks etc!

    I'm wondering, for those with little ones, do you use your designer bags as an every day bag or just for special occasions?

    For me the special occasions are so far and few between that I also hate the idea of it just sitting in my closet!
  2. Yes I do. I don't own anything other then LV, Gucci, or Chanel.
  3. I do. Never had a problem with that. My son knows not to touch my purse unless I ask him too.
  4. Definitely, life's short!
  5. Yup! Chanel every day!
    You can find old Cheerios at the bottom of any one of my Chanel purses. I buy them to use them, so what's the point of having them just sit around in my closet?
  6. Yes I do I use my LV mono pochette in the diaper bag along with LV accessories. As she gets bigger I will start to use my hand held bags again (it's just too hard right now with that carseat to carry lol)
  7. Yep, I just don't change as often...but that's due to lack of time.
  8. I do, but when I'm dealing with an infant, I usually just use my diaper bag as my purse for a while, since it gets a little complicated trying to lug around a baby and a diaper bag AND a purse. But with that said, I'm still contemplating finding a Chanel Biarritz tote to use AS a diaper bag, lol!

    Side note: I don't think I'd use any of my lambskin bags, just because I'm already so paranoid about them and I'm extra-super careful with them, but my Chanel Caviar PST and anything made of calfskin or canvas....those are fine.
  9. Thank you ladies, you've inspired me to get it out and use it!

    It's a fairly large bag (not sure what style as its circa 1980s) but it could definately fit a couple of nappies, a travel pack of wipes and a sippy cup. Luckily my toddler is toilet trained now so i only have the baby in nappies.

    My toddler is pretty good with respecting my things, but he just loves the turn closure and opening the flap, very inquisitive!
  10. Ditto. I am currently using a large Gucci tote and a Marc by Marc Jacobs as diaper bags. I just haven't used any of my smaller bags (Chanel 2.55 etc) yet, but if DH is carrying the diaper bag I totally will!!!
  11. Since I work during the week I move my wallet and makup bag to my purse and then move those items back to my diaper bag for the weekend. It's a Gucci and the only one I have.
  12. Yes! Good quality wears better. Don't worry about youe bag getting ruined.
  13. No, I don't use my designer purses anymore as everything goes into the diaper bag now. But I do use a balenciaga clutch that I put in the diaper bag with all the "mommy" stuff i.e. wallet, sunglasses etc.
  14. Nope... I don't! I have a five month old and I use a diaper bag. No worries about spills, spit up, 'food hands', formula mouth. I keep saying my LVs are in retirement. I hope to see them in a year or so!
  15. I use them. I try to enjoy what I have!