Mother's Day

  1. Mothers day is tomorrow and i need a gift to get my mom so tomorrow i am going to louis vuitton and would like to get her a damier ALMA or Saleya PM.
    Witch one should i get her.
  2. I prefer the Saleya.
  3. Saleya is a great bag, but when I tried it out I was slightly dissapointed by the slimness of the handles. My vote is for the classic Alma.
  4. I like the Saleya it is so classy!!
  5. I would go for the Alma.
  6. i like the saleya
  7. I like the Saleya better.
  8. Personally, I like the Alma better, IMO it's a lot classier for a mom. I was disappointed with the Saleya. If you want to get her a shoulder bag try the batignolles horizontal in monogram.:biggrin::yes:
  9. Alma!!!:love:
  10. Another vote for Alma!
  11. alma! oh alma!
  12. alma for mama!
  13. saleya is nice but I think I will vote for alma
  14. i like them both a lot. for myself i would choose the alma. but for some reason, i feel like i'd choose the saleya for my mother.
  15. Alma

    I'm thinking of getting my mom one for Christmas. :smile:
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