Mothers Day!

  1. Hi..whats everyone doing for Mother's Day? I wished I had the money to buy my mum a pearl necklace or a Gucci tote (I know she loves em) but I dont..So Im gona get her a Betty Crocker All American recipe book. I hope I can find a copy at Borders :smile:

    Do share your plans!

  2. My mom loves to garden, so I am going to take her flower shopping so we can ohhh! and ahhh! over them all. Then take her home and help her plant what she picks out in her garden! I haven't seen my mom since Easter, so I think we are both just really excited to see each other. (I feel like its a present for me too!)
  3. My mom does not live any near me- separate continents unfortunately so come Sunday it will be a phone call. However I am returning next month for the summer so I will make it up to her then by taking her to a resort, it'll be extra special because I will have my 6 month old with me!!
  4. My sisters and I are taking my mom to Las Vegas for the weekend. We'll be relaxing at the spa, shopping and perhaps catch a show :angel: