Mothers Day.....

  1. Ohhh! Just received the best thng in the mail! A postcard from Hermes with ideas for Mother's Day, ranging from $100 - $13,000!!!!
    MUST leave it lying about for DH to see, as the two DD's don't have access to cash, yet - LMAO!!

    What would YOU like for Mothers Day in an Orange box?? For me, I'd like Porcelain, or another scarf - I think I may take my Mum scarf shopping for her gift.
  2. Orange box=Wife Happy=Husband Happy

    Getting the White Massai on I guess that's my Mom's day gift...

    What I would to buy out the store though....
  3. Shoot.. Mother's Day!
  4. Champs de Courses mousseline!! (in two colourways??!!:p )
  5. lol, i thought there was a mum scarf (mums, the flower) and i thought that would be gorgeous!
  6. A beautiful plisse in Spring colors or another Jardin Sur Nil Breakfast cup/saucer. Either one would be would be so wonderful!!!!
  7. black out all the stuff under $5000.

    how about that -- i'm talking about blacking out and it has nothing to do with shopmom . . .

  8. LOL - Ok, translation from Australian to American....I may take my MOM scarf shopping!!!

    You should have seen Jaoster wetting herself when I asked her out to "Brekkie"!!
  9. you're talking.......
  10. GF ~ what were some of the suggestions.
  11. on a trip in england with my parents years ago, we befriended a fellow tourist, new zealander. the guy was talking to us and my mom leaned over and in a completely audible tone said to me, "i can't understand a word he's saying" as if he actually weren't speaking english and would not, therefore, understand her.
  12. hmmm, i think i'd like a bottle of rose ikebana. i also like the jardin sur nil breakfast cups/saucers.

  13. :roflmfao:
  14. What happened to the good ol' days of a nice card, a hug and a kiss??
  15. That's because I thought you meant Brekkie in bed.:roflmfao: