Mother's Day

  1. I noticed a few people here mentioned they wanted to get their mom's Coach bags for Mother's Day. I thought I'd start a new thread so we can discuss!

    My mom doesn't own Coach (or an expensive bag for that matter). She doesn't feel she is worth it (so not true!) Even my dad wanted to get her a Coach for Christmas, but she wouldn't let him spend the money.

    Sooo this year I'm getting her a bag whether she likes it or not! She tends to buy Stone Mountain bags off of QVC, and they mostly are pebbled leather, so I was thinking of getting her either a Hamptons pebbled leather carryall or Soho pebbled leather satchel, both in sand. I personally don't like the pebbled leather or the sand color, but it is so her. I may also have to get her one of those organizer thingys because she tends to like bags that have several compartments and as we all know, Coach bags aren't like that.

    And since I tend to always spend more on my mom for holidays/birthday (not intentional, she is just easier to buy for), I think I'm going to get my dad a Coach wallet for Father's Day.
  2. That's so thoughtful of you! I'm sure they will both love your gifts!
  3. I got my sister a Coach wristlet and I am thinking of getting my mom a scarf, gotta ease her into it - she doesn't want me to spend $$ on bags for her either!!
  4. I gave my mom a Coach soho hobo last year and she loves it. She's not into bags like me but is very happy with the one I gave her.
  5. I gave my mom a Coach black leather bag for Mother's Day two years ago. She loves it and wears it often.
    For this year I am getting her a Soho black leather wallet.
  6. So my sister and I picked up a Hamptons pebbled leather carryall for my mom today. really hope she likes it!
  7. awww julie, i hope your mom loves it too (i think she will).

    i am getting my mom a black leather mini skinny (she doesnt use purses) and my dad's bday is coming up and i am thinking of getting him a coach belt or neck tie.
  8. I hope she loves the carry all. I have one in sig and it is so useful for me.

    I gave my mom her first coach last mothers day, she was like your mom and didn't think purses were worth the extra $$. Needles to say I changed her mind with that one purse. She now owns 3 Coach Bags, 1 Dooney, and about 4 wristlets!!!
  9. My mom passed away 3 years ago. I used to love buying her things that she wouldn't buy for herself!
  10. My mother not only doesn't own a coach purse, shoe doesn't even own a real leather purse!!! When she goes out, she'll either use some big God-awful quilted tote thing or she'll wear her (I can't believe I'm admitting this about my own mother!) a red nylon fanny pack!!! :wtf:

    My husband and I decided to get her the Coach hip bag!! Either for Mother's Day or her birthday. (both in May) I'm sure she'll love it and I know she'll use it!!!
  11. My mom loves Coach, too, so we often get each other a Coach gift for birthdays and such.

    This year, I'm just getting her the turtle key fob b/c she loves turtles. I've got a credit at Bath & Body Works so she'll be getting some of her favorite stuff from there this year!

    It's fun to be able to treat your mom to something nice like Coach. You realize how much they did for you once you have kids of your own!
  12. Oops! Sorry for the duplicate!
  13. I was going to get my mother the camel leather ergo (medium)... I tried it on and well the macy's lady wouldn't hold it for me for FF. Anyway, moments later I bumped into my mother at Macy's shoe department. I had her try on my legacy shoulder bag (figured it's about the same drop as the ergo) and she loved it but said, "I wish it was a bit longer)..

    Soooo a week or so ago I got a camel duffel from Marshalls -- I may give her that one because she can adjust it longer if she wants..
  14. I'm so sorry, this must be a hard time for you. *HUGS*
  15. So funny...i got my mom (who not only does not think SHE should buy herself one but thinks ANYONE who spends much on a bag is you can see we are not very close/alike lol) but i got her a coach mini skinny wristlet (the longer one with appliques that goes for $98..very pretty) just yesterday. I figure when she runs out in her neighborhood on foot and does not need a heavy bag she can use it for keys/cash and/or a cc and her inhaler. I hope she likes it and gets at least some use out of it. She can always attach it to her existing bags or put it inside as a makeup case or something. It's a perfect summer wristlet.