Mother's Day: What are you doing for your mom?

  1. I am flying home to visit my mom for Mother's Day. I think it will be a "girl's day" at the spa along with a dinner with just me, my mom and my sister.

    How about you ladies? Anything special for your mom?? :love:
  2. I have no idea as of yet ......i think we maybe goin to ac for the day
  3. I'm so annoyed. My littlest cousin makes his First Holy Communion on Mother's Day so since my grandma is going we all have to drive up to North Jersey. I can't believe the Church would do that on Mother's Day!

    So I guess 2 hours in the car with my Mom will be some mother/daughter bonding time.

    At least we're all going out to a nice lunch afterwards.
  4. Hair makeover for her.
  5. I'm flying home to see my mom! So is my sister and my grandma is going down too. So we will all be together. We are going out to a fancy dinner that night, and then that morning I always make her breakfast in bed with my younger brothers! The little guy (still only 14) is a sweet heart and loves doing things for her.
  6. You gals are soooo lucky! I lost my amazing mom two years ago and wish so much that we could celebrate mother's day together. So for all of you ladies and gents who still have a mom that you can call, hug or kiss-give her a little bit of extra love this year because having her around is such a blessing.
  7. Bruch at the Four Seasons for the family.
  8. I made my mother a 16x20 of my dd's. She's been wanting a nice picture for awhile.
    I also ordered flowers for her.
  9. I just ordered $50 worth of Godiva chocolates to be sent to my Mum who lives 1,500+ miles away.
  10. Dh and I leave for Colorado tomorrow night.:yahoo:
    So, we will be either taking my mom out to dinner or making her dinner. I can't wait to see my mom!
  11. cant do anything for her coz she is in heaven now.. I offered that we send a bouquet of flowers for my bf's mom, he said "NO" so I guess I am not doing anything...
  12. i'll be buying fresh flowers and i dont know what else. i'll go to bloomies tomorrow and see if i can find anything... i'm late :sad:.
  13. :cry: So sorry for you loss JJ's mama...your post made me want to call my mom just to say I love her :love:
  14. That is so sweet!!!
  15. She's just getting a card, but I will be flying down to see her later in the month. Us kids got her a LV bag for her birthday a few months ago, and with that she said we didn't have to get her a mother's day present! I hope she means it.